Dulwich College Donors' Report 2018

Donors’ Report 2018


A message from the Master

The purpose of this report is to thank our supporters and celebrate the tremendous impact of their generosity on Dulwich College. We are immensely grateful to everyone who makes a gift, of any magnitude, to support our work. Your philanthropic support makes a vital contribution to the College and, most importantly, has a direct impact upon our pupils – by helping to enrich the education we offer and provide inspirational facilities, and by allowing us to offer more boys financial assistance to come here.

A message from the Master An Inspirational Campus

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Fundraising and Finances

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Our donors

Many of you will have made a gift to join the 2019 Society, which has made such an important contribution to the creation of The Laboratory. I am delighted to announce that the Society now has its full complement of 2,019 members. We look forward to including the name of each and every Old Alleynian, parent, pupil and staff member who donated on the final iteration of our donor wall in The Laboratory. As we reach the 400th anniversary, we are focused on our social mission and the purpose for which the College was founded – the education of “poor scholars” alongside fee-paying pupils. I hope that 2019 will be a celebration of our heritage and an opportunity to pay tribute to our foundational mission by helping those who might not otherwise be able to afford fees.

Our vision is for a future where we can provide financial support to 50% of our pupils in the senior school through bursaries and scholarships – offering a Dulwich education to even more talented boys and ensuring Dulwich remains a school of genuine diversity and talent. All of the annual income distribution we receive from the Dulwich Estate will be put towards means- tested bursaries. On behalf of the staff, governors and pupils of Dulwich College, please accept my sincere thanks for your contribution. Your support is fundamental to all we are trying to achieve, and we are deeply grateful.



The environment in which our pupils learn is key to their success and as well as looking after the historic building we are fortunate to occupy, the College is committed to providing facilities that enable the boys to explore their potential in all areas within and beyond the curriculum. The most recent developments on campus are the cleaning and restoration of the Barry Buildings’ façade – the stunning result of which is much commented on by all who visit the school. Philanthropic support also made possible the restoration of the Lantern - one of the College’s main iconic features, and of course The Laboratory. An Inspirational Campus

The Laboratory and 2019 Society

In an outstanding demonstration of the impact of collective giving, through gifts both great and small, 2019 Society members spanning the entire Dulwich community - including Old Alleynians, parents, staff and pupils, have enabled the College to deliver one of its most ambitious projects of the last 100 years, The Laboratory. In doing so you have created a resource that has not only transformed the boys’ learning at the College – hosting hundreds of inspirational science and informatics lessons in its fully equipped laboratories

and IT suites, but one also serving the whole community, hosting a wide range of activities. The Laboratory will see the beginning of our 400th anniversary and far beyond and we simply could not have achieved this without you. To recognise and celebrate this support, every member of the 2019 Society will be named on our donor wall, the final iteration of which will be unveiled in spring 2019 - a long-standing testimony to the overwhelming support and loyalty among our community.




The offer of fee support to an academically bright boy who could not otherwise come to Dulwich can be a life-changing moment; the beginning of a journey to realising his full potential. Our provision of financial support is crucial to this and why our key philanthropic priority is to grow the Bursary Appeal Fund and provide 50% of boys with fee assistance.

Thanks to the support of the Dulwich community the Bursary Appeal Fund (established in 1990) now stands at £11.8m and in conjunction with our own financial resources, including all income from the Dulwich Estate, enabled us to provide fee assistance to 30% of pupils in the senior school last year. Since 2012 The College has increased spending on bursaries by 64%, providing £2.74m in bursary support in 2017/18 and funding 162 boys. 67 of those are receiving full bursaries and would not otherwise be able to come to Dulwich.

We believe Dulwich is at its greatest when we are a diverse school, one with a healthy social mix and a breadth of talent, character and backgrounds. The College needs the support of the entire community to reach our goal – ensuring that financial means has no bearing on admissions and bright boys from all backgrounds can benefit from and contribute to a Dulwich education.

64% £2.74 million bursary support in 2017/18 increase since 2012

“I know that I am incredibly fortunate to have been given a place here. I greatly appreciate everything this school has done for me – I hope to use the knowledge and skills I have acquired here to help others, and to give back to the school that has given so much to me.”

30% of pupils received bursary or scholarship support 2017/18 30%

To provide 50% of senior school boys with financial support Our aim 50%

Since 2012 the College has increased spending on bursaries by 64% , providing £2.74m in bursary support in 2017/18 and funding 162 boys . All bursaries are means tested, with the majority of recipients receiving more than 75% fee support.

Yr13 2017/18 bursary recipient



An ethos of social responsibility lies at the heart of the College’s Strategic Development Plan and is a key component of life at Dulwich. Pupils and staff voluntarily contribute their time and expertise to a range of partnership and community activities that we firmly believe have a reciprocal benefit – to the causes and schools we support, but also to our own community and educating our boys about the importance of giving back. Partnerships

Education The College’s most significant educational partnership is the Southwark Schools Learning Partnership (SSLP) , a collaboration between local state and independent schools. The partnership promotes a variety of projects for students and joint Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for staff. With the Master as co-director, Dulwich College provides leadership as well as projects for member schools. Our other key educational partnerships include: The Southwark Community Education Charity – 60 children, 26% of whom were on a Pupil Premium, in 2017, attend 2-hour sessions on Saturday mornings exploring some of the fundamentals of Biology, Chemistry and Physics through practical experiments. City Heights E-ACT Academy –The College acts as an educational partner to the Academy to provide support for its educational work and to establish links and activities that benefit both schools through shared experience and good practice.

Pupil fundraising and volunteering Pupils from DUCKS to Year 13 were involved in raising money for a broad range of local and national charities in 2017/18 - 14 in total. Through pyjama days to digital detoxs, they raised a total of £25,000, with over £7,500 raised for King’s College Hospital Critical Care alone. 234 students also took part in 17 different community volunteering activities, supported by approximately 20 members of staff.

Shared Facilities Every year Dulwich College provides use of our facilities for free or at charitable rates - the equivalent of almost £100,000 . For more information on these and other important partnerships please see our 2017/18 ‘In partnership’ report available online at https://online.flippingbook.com/view/916148/



Fundraising and Finances (2017/18)

Fundraising success Each year all of the College’s funds are committed to delivering its principal aims. The generous support of Old Alleynians, parents, staff and pupils makes a significant and essential contribution to this year after year. You are an outstanding community that drives the College forward, enabling us to complete vital capital projects such as The Laboratory and to provide essential fee assistance to boys who would otherwise be unable to access a Dulwich education.

In 2017/18 you gave £1,366,501 to the College. Of that: 44% was spent on bursaries – directly contributing to the education of 162 boys 43% was spent on the campus – providing the learning environment needed to ensure every boy can realise his potential 13% was spent on initiatives supporting excellence in all areas of the curriculum and beyond, including prizes and awards.

College Finances The summarised information below is taken from the financial statements for the year ended 31 July 2018.

Expenditure – £48m

Income – £48m

Investments £0.9m 2% Fundraising £1.3m 3%


Trading/Finance £3.9m 8%

Trading/Finance £3.9m 8%



Surplus (for capital expenditure) £2.8m 6%

Surplus (for capital expenditure) £2.8m 6%


Fundraising £1.3m

Dulwich Estate £2.8m

Dulwich Estate £2.8m

Bursaries/Scholarships £4.1m 8%

Bursaries/Scholarships £4.1m 8%

Investments £0.9m



Depreciation £4.2m 9%

Depreciation £4.2m 9%

Trading £4.9m

Trading £4.9m

79% Fees and Extras £38.1m

79% Fees and Extras £38.1m

55% Staff costs £26.4m

55% Staff costs £26.4m

Other operational costs £6.6m 14%

Other operational costs £6.6m 14%



Our Donors Every year the College produces a Roll of Benefactors, to thank all those who have given financial support to the College. The list includes gifts received between 1st August 2016 to 31 July 2018 and every effort has been made to ensure that the Roll of Benefactors is complete and accurate. If your name has mistakenly been missed off then please accept our apologies and do inform us. We will be happy to publish corrections in the next roll. 2019 pupil members will be recognised in an online 2019 Society member roll, in the New Year.

Terence George Peter Goldstein • Donald Goodsell Christopher Gordon David Griffiths Raymond Hann Prof David Harvey † Roger Hedge • Ronald Hickson • Philip Holliday • Brian Howes

David Maule Val McCarthy CBE • Brig Bruce McDermott CBE • Dale McDonald Sumner Dr Hector McLean CBE Colin Mealor Clive Mellor John Morris Dr Peter Mudge • Bruce Noble MBE • Humphrey Nye • Edward Pearce David Price George Ray HH Michael Rich QC • Sir John Ritblat • Anthony Rowbotham † Edward Saulter The Rev David Sharp Bruce Shilstone • Robert Smith CMG † Colin Spears Ian F J Stimpson

Michael Stone • John Sutton Nicholas Tatman • Timothy Tatman Richard Thorn MBE Michael Thorpe Dr C John Toynton

Jeremy Baker • Vivian Bazalgette • Philip Beaven • Prof David Beevers

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our anonymous donors and all those who have supported the College in other ways; notably through time, expertise, and good will. Specifically we would like to acknowledge the Governors, members of the Development Committee, the Alleyn Club Committee, and Friends of Dulwich College. To everyone who has given, pledged, or is planning a bequest to the College, we thank you very much indeed.

Patrick Bentley Bryan Bowers • Christopher Bradshaw • Dr Martyn Brown • Frank Browning Douglas Butterfield Robert Butterfield • Hon Michael Callaghan Ian Carpenter The Very Revd Dr Wesley Carr KCVO † Richard Cook • Prof Aldwyn Cooper Dr Edward Cooper Nick Cosh • Col Robert Crawley OBE JP

David Walker • William Waring Peter Webster Roger Weston • Andrew Wilson David H Wilson Prof Michael Winterbottom The Revd Berresford D R Wood • Derek Woolston • John Yelland 1960-69 Richard Alford CMG

† Deceased

2019 Society Member

Dr John Lewis Donald Mawbey Peter Munson †

Christopher Barrett William Barry • David Baxter † The Revd Peter Beale John Bell Denis Bodiam Ron Branscombe † Richard Burgess • James Burton Roy Carter † Roger Chadder • David Chaffin • Rodney Chambers

Cdr Graham Creedy LVO RN • Roger Croucher • James Cullingham Anthony Daltry •

Old Alleynians 1900-39 Prof C D Broad † Peter Fewtrell † John Trotter † 1940-49 Ian Birdseye † David Christlieb Peter Edgley † Robert Esden MBE Marshall Field CBE • Peter Grose • Peter Hart †

Ian Hunter-Craig James Johnson Peter Johnson David Jowett Geoffrey Keeble Lt Cdr Bruce Lemonde • William Leon Geoffrey Liddiard Antony Linaker

Peter Pompa † Derek Stretton

Michael Davey Colin Deverill •

Prof Sir Bryan Thwaites • Sqn Ldr James Witherow 1950-59 Peter Adams

Richard Dew Peter Dorey Michael Duffell HH Timothy Ellison Nash • Carl Emmerich † Christopher Field • Dirk FitzHugh • Michael Garrett MBE •

Lt Col Terry Adams • Prof Ewan Anderson The Revd Ian Arthur Y S Bakhle • Chris Batten †

Jeremy Davies Mike Davies •

Roy Amlot QC • Nigel Archer • Warwick Armstrong • Roger Bacon •

Derek Long John Lowry Colin Mander

Dr Richard Day • Christopher Dean



Simon Dyson • Christopher Edwards William Edwards Brian Elliot Paul Fessler Brian Follwell John Fordham • Anthony Frankford Dr John Freeman Col Keith Galbraith • Gerald Gardiner Derek Goodchild Peter Gower • HHJ Andrew Goymer Laurence Green • Dr Denis Gross • Robin Harris Robin Hedderly Dr Stuart Herbertson • David Heycock John Hoggan Geoffrey Holloway HHJ Michael Hopmeier

Christopher Ignatowicz • David Jackson • Dr Robert Johnson • Ian Johnston • David Kendrick Prof Brian Kennett • The Revd Canon Nicholas Kerr Michael Kirkman • Richard Knowles • Martin Langford † Will Lewis Cdr David Lingard Ian Lister John Lovering CBE • The Revd Brian McHenry CBE Sunil Mehta Robert Mercer • William Metcalfe Peter Montgomery Robert Newton David North • Gp Capt Derek North DL •

Edward Packer Amit Pandya • Ian Paton David Paul Michael Pearman John Pearse Jeremy Pearson • Jan Pringle Patrick Rawson John Richards • Howard Richardson •

Ian Smith Dr Richard Soper Prof Christopher Stephens OBE • Martin Stone Peter Susman QC Tom Sutton Neil Thompson Peter Thompson • Prof Andrew Tomkins OBE • Alan Trangmar The Venerable Robin Turner CB DL • Adrian Underwood OBE • Ian Unwin Robert Upton CBE • Philip Virgo •

John Williams • Brian Willis • Paul Woods † Prof John Wyke Dr Christopher Wynes 1970-79 Michael Abrahams Andrew Allen • Anthony Anderson • Cllr Nigel Ashton Graham Assinder David Aston Simon Bailey • David Barke Timothy Birse • Stephen Bondfield

Kendall Castor-Perry Andrew Chadney Robin Chapman William Chappell Patrick Chaundy Robert Condon • Dr Stephen Cooke Richard Copley Jedidie Coronel Nicholas Cremin Trevor Croft • Patrick Darby • Ben De Benedictis • Dr John Dean Jim Dewes Edward Dolman • Martin Dunkerton Tony Edgley • James Gowans • Cdr Bob Grainger • Steven Hastings

Nicholas Hunsworth • David Ince Bruce Jones William Jutsum • Peter King Jonathan Lee Martin Lee Peter Leggett • The Revd Tony Leighton • Mark Leonard Malcolm Levinkind Stephen Locke • Keith Macquarie • Richard Mattick Colin McCaul QC Neil McGhee Ian McMullan Peter Miles • Michael Mustoe Dr Hiroshi Nishikawa Richard Parkhouse Keith Penfold Frank A Penson

Andrew Reid John Renel • Anthony Roberts Tim Roberts-Holmes • John Rose • Nick Rundle • Kevin Ryall Prof Seif O’Shaheen • Robert Simpson Prof Bruce Sizer • Michael Smith • Timothy Smith David Stocker • Robert Stockwell • James Stronach Gary Sugarman • Christopher Tarrant The Revd Canon Stuart Thomas James Thornton • Martin Turner • Stuart Tutt

Edward Richart • Philip Rickard • The Rt Hon Peter Riddell CBE • The Rt Hon Sir Colin Rimer • Owen Roberts Murray Ross Jeremy Saville Robert Scott Michael Silver Michael Simons John Smallwood

Peter Waggitt • Anthony Wallace Ivor Warburton • Robert West † Nicholas White • Dr Christopher Wilkes Anthony Williams

Ian Brenson • Simon Brown • Philip Bull

Oliver Burns • David Camp • Peter Camp Niall S G Campbell

Russell Heath Robert Holland

Dr Martin Vallis Michael Wade •



1990-99 Dr Stanislaw Adamiak Ayodeji Agun • Omer Ahmad Ishminder Alg Richard Amlot Gavyn Berry Kenneth Beuden Fred Binka William Burghes • Duncan Byrne • Joseph Doherty Maciej Dworniak Timothy Eclair-Heath Richard Evans Clyde Fare Dr Ben Field • Jason Freeman Jack Gabay Matthew Gardiner Gokul Ghia • Matthew Ghinn Nicholas Hamilton

Robert West • Charles Whiffin Peter Wibberley Dr Tony Wierzbicki • Vincent Williams 1980-89 Shiraz Austin Dr Mark Bentley Stewart Bowling • Dr David Brightman Rodney Britto Douglas Burnham • Robert Burrage David Clacher Simon Clarke • Julius Clayton John Corcoran • Benedict Craig James Cunningham •

Nigel Farage George Farha • Charles Foster Adrian Fuller • Dr Dominic Gooding • Dr Ravi and Swaty Gupta • Andrew Guy Nicholas Hallwood •

Darius Lewington Dr Nicholas Martin Stephen Musgrave • Matthew Oakeley •

Andrew Hill Richard Horner Dowshan Humzah •

Alexis Roxburgh Michael Sakkas • Richard Sharman Mark Shaw Ben Simons Dr Christian Smith Simon Smith Sameer Tanna Adam Turnbull • Ben Turnbull • Adam Walczak James Young 2000-09 Charles Bagley James Baker James Bavister Dr Charles Butcher Ezaz Butt John Cassidy • Adrian Chung • Fergus Davey Timothy Duncan • Michal Dziedziniewicz

Stephen France Alastair Fulton Dr Hong Gao Rajeet Ghosh •

James Rosslyn-Smith • Ope Runsewe Dr Mayuran Sivanandan Stewart Smiddy Lukasz Strozek Alexander Teytelboym • Dr Onn Thein • Michael Thomas Michael Thurgood Marek Troszczynski van Genderen Sergio Ung Simon Vickery Rajvinder Virdee • Arthur Virgo Matthew Waugh

Stephen Ireton Owen Jenkins Jo Jenner

Alexander Offer Charles Ottey • Seth Peller Siva Pillay Ashley Preston

Tommy Gorgy Jack Hellewell Jack Hudspith Maurice Hutchinson Simon Inzani Viktor Jakubiuk Rizwan Kassam • John Charles Kennedy • Parthiv Kurup Dr Alexander Langley Jamie Lawlor James Lawrence Tom Lawrence • Edward McCarthy • Jonathan Mead Peter Morley • Mark Newby Alexander Novelli Patrick Owen-Smith

Duncan John Zaki Kanaan • Iskandar Alexander Karam Kamran Khalid • James King Thomas King Vikram Kumar • Bashar Mardam-Bey Lt Cdr Thomas McPhail Dr Ashraful Mirza •

Nicholas Hann Russell Harper Timothy Havenhand • Jeremy Hopkins Philip Hulston Neil Hunter Mark Hutchings • William Jinks Dr Niloy Karia Louis Kenna • Anthony King Dr Gregory Lawton Nicholas Lay • Roy Lee • Guy Lester

Dr Nicholas Rollitt • Lt Col Philip Rosell Raoul Roy Dr Yohan Samarasinghe

Dr Vish Saxena • Daniel Sheratte Stephen Smith •

Byron Yu • 2010-18 Kamil Aftyka

Richard Starr • Hugo Stolkin • Andrew Tatman • Peter Vicary-Smith • James Wadsworth Nick Wenban-Smith David Wise •

Ram Moorthy • Benjamin Nicol Tremayne Parvin • Hugh Price Michael Puddephat • Ahraz Qayyum-Sheikh Sumit Rai •

Szymon Bacher • Thomas Blowes •

Robin Davies Robert Dibley James Dixon Gerald Dowler JP

Tom Deasy • Henry Fraser Oliver Garfit



Carl Heimann • Ben Hodgson •

Gregor and Samantha Bamert Gregory Barron and Sarah Murphy •

Tony Concagh and Allyson Devenish Gregg and Paula Cowie • James Cowie and Nutan Singh Andrea Craig Brendan Cuddy and Martina Burke Charles and Ellie Cutbush Andrew and Alison Darley Ian and Teresa Dawkins Jose De La Infiesta • Frederick Djidetchian and Eamonn and Maura Doran • John Doran and Anastasia Rachmanidou-Doran Dr Michael Fenlon and Prof Yvonne Doyle • James Drayton and Jane Fox-Edwards Guy and Olivia du Parc Braham • The Dudzicki Family Marc and Alessandra Dwek • Douglas and Hilary Eastman Severa von Wentzel Andrena Dookun •

James Elton and Petra Ekas Dr Peter Ellis and Rosemary Ellis George Farha and Suha Hourani • Mark and Kate Fazakerley Dino Ferrari Paul and Kimberly Fitzgerald • Campbell and Lisa Fleming John and Hazel Forbes Hugh and Rebecca Fraser Bertrand and Caroline Gautier Sean and Olivia Gavin • David George and Zoe Layden Bunt Ghosh and Dr Susan Ghosh • David Gleave and Luciann Flynn The Go Family Gareth and Julie Gooderham William and Maja Griffith Jon and Kathleen Grussing • David and Sarah Hanrahan • The Hedger Family

Robert Henderson and Deborah Nadel Dr Venetia Herzmark

Geoff and Gabrielle Koffman Ashok Krishan and Dr Bhavani Krishnan Dattakumar and Anuja Kunde Christian Kutscher and Stefania Rinaldi Kutscher • Patrick Lam and Yee Mei Leung David and Hilary Lane Oliver and Jacqueline Laughton-Scott Roy Lee and Mak Wing Lee • Mr Leung and Ms Man Jun Liu and Xuefeng Lu Doby Loo and Vinson Suen Timothy Lord QC and Amanda Lord • Matthew and Zarina Lyner Simon and Lucie Marc • Nigel and Claire Marshall Jacques McChesney and Leslie Laffitte-McChesney Matthew and Amanda McEvoy • Sid and Nancy McGrath Anthony and Vesna McIntosh

Daniel and Sarah McKimm • Ewen McNeil and Sally Hordet The Mellis Family Jeff and Michaela Mercuri Marc Meyohas and Fiona Bembridge • Dr Keith Moulding and Dr Mei Ling Wong Ashley Muldoon and Eva Muldoon-De Groot Greg and Louise Mulley Sanjay and Anjula Newatia • Sherrie Page Raj and Penny Parker Dominic and Silvia Pasqua Rahil Patel and Alison Rose Mallika Paulraj • Conal Percy and Suzanne Keys Phil Pickard • Michael and Annakyn Pike Michael Pos and Tania Buckrell Pos Denis Power Gordon and Tana Ramsay •

Christine Robinson • James and Judith Robinson Robert and Elizabeth Rome • Stephen Rossell and Joy Hawley Lorenzo Russo and Emanuela Cernoia Russo Gary Rynsard and Dr Wangping Zhu • Nader Sabbaghian and Valeria Vitali Ray Sacks and Wendy Jones Demetrio Salorio and Mariola Salorio-Mazuelas Philip and Basi Saunders John and Jennifer Scardino Gary Scurfield and Maureen Oakeley Roderick Seligman and Susie Wesson Andrew Seth • Lawrence Shearer and Lorraine McGarry Dmitri Shuster and Ellen Opman • Spencer and Marissa Simmonds Richard and Sarah Smalley

Oskar Kocol • James Lee • George Lewis Maciej Maruszczak Michal Mazur Conor O’Donnell • Chris Oliwa Jan Rybojad • Zhipeng Shen • Filip Twarowski • Samuel Williams • Worapat Witchawut • Parents and past parents Dorisilla Adolwa Florence Akingbade Yaroslav Alekseyev and Zinaida Boykova

Mark and Sarah Higgins Greg and Heather Hitchen Gary Hogg and Jane Neal Martyn Hopper Alex and Carry Hornby Adam and Tierney Horne • Worth and Janet Houghton Mitchell and Helen Humphreys Brad and Sian Hurrell The Iyikan Family • Eugene and Olga Jaffe John Jones and Karen Jensen-Jones Michael and Juliet Joynson Devan and Rebecca Kaloo Jonathan and Roisin Kamaluddin • Paul Kearney and Florence Herard Graham and Nicole Keniston-Cooper • John and Janet Kennedy •

Ronnie and Cecilia Beacon Adrian and Wanda Bird • Sean and Polly Birrane Nicholas and

Elizabeth Bliss • Jack Borrett and Rosie Parratt

The Bowers Family The Brilliant Family Michael Bristow and Claudia Salazar Douglas and Suzie Brown Patrick and Karen Campbell Dr Andrew Carpenter and

Alexandra Carpenter Sean and Julia Carr The Ceccolini Family

Clement Chan and Angela Tse

Jose and Mariana Alvarez • Pasquale Amodio and Randa Hanna-Amodio • Andrew and Sarah Backen •

George and Emma Chan Dr Jonathan Chesterman and Dr Shubulade Smith • Neil and Julia Collins



Benedict Smith and Elena Prola Adeniya Sofolarin and Ailie Macadam • Richard and Sara Spillett Hugo and Ekaterina Stolkin David Stroud and Caroline Summers Martin Summers and Johanna Lavender Alexander and Irina Ter-Avanesov • Benjamin Thorpe and Dr Charlotte Barrett The Tse Family Lord Andrew Turnbull KCB CVO and Lady Diane Turnbull • Changyou Wang and Chunyan Jiang Ian and Melanie Warner Bevan Watt and Dale Lattanzio • Jean-Baptiste and Claudine Wautier • Richard Weakley and Bridget Rugge Justin Webb and Sarah Gordon

Prof Olaf Wendler and Dr Renate Wendler • Andrew and Lori West • Simon White and Dr Frances Woisin • Gregory Williams and Virgina Pinon-Williams Noel and Kate Williams Simon and Annabel Williams • Duncan and Claire Wilson Andrew and Claire Wright • Nick and Penny Xanders • Spiro and Teresa Youakim • Staff, former staff and partners Hugh Abbott and Anna Turvey Cecily Allison Dr Nicholas Black Nicky Black Nicholas and Sally Brown Steve Burton † The Revd Neil Fairlamb Marshall Field CBE •

John and Laurie Hindley • Matt Jarrett Ralph Mainard • Dr Cameron Pyke Dr Joe Spence and Angela Spence • Dr Gardner Thompson • Andrew Threadgould Mark Whittaker † Simon and Nel Yiend • William Young Friends Tara Abdulla

John and Lauren Davidovich Viviane Edgley Neil Edwards Edwin Glasgow Marjorie Guy Dr E B D Hamilton

Edward Mallaburn Simon Massie-Taylor Paul Mora Geraint Morgan

Susan Wood

Ocean Partners Holdings Limited Phoenix Explorer Scout Unit

Charitable Foundation The Worshipful Company of International Bankers The Worshipful Company of Painters & Stainers The Worshipful Company of Pewterers The Canon Carver Society The Canon Carver Society recognises those who have pledged a gift to the College in their will. Legacy gifts make an enormous contribution the College and we are deeply grateful for all bequests. Graham Able Warwick Armstrong 1958 - 1965 Christopher Austen 1952 - 1958 Richard Austin 1964 - 1971 Jeremy Baker 1953 - 1960 Richard Bassett

Organisations Alleyn Club Argon Financial Ltd Bank of England

Political Economic Review Rainbow Office Supplies Society of Antiquaries South London Lettering Association Throgmorton Trusts and Foundations Arkwright Scholarships Trust Mark Evison Foundation OA Lodge The Karia Foundation The Lovering Charitable Foundation The Ogden Trust The Peter de Somogyi Memorial Trust The Solo Charitable Settlement The Timothy Franey

Brian Morris Ken Murray

Chadron State College Cinnamon Collection Cinnamon Nominees Limited Commercial Energy Solutions Ltd Deutsche Bank Friends of Dulwich College Goldman Sachs International Harlequins Football Club Ltd IMG Johnsons Chartered Accountants Meadows Ryan Solicitors Ltd Metropolitan Police Service Mittelman Architects

Gerry Hanratty Mike Harrison Andy Heathcock Claire Hedley Colin Herridge Piotr Holysz Mark Howard

Timothy Neale William Price Ellie Pym Bob Reeves Duncan Rose John Schofield Mr Shields Philip Snook Jack Springate Timothy Straker QC Henry Sturgess Beryl Tidy Patricia Ward Neil Welton Mark Whitehead Clive Williams

Aki Abiola Ian Barker Marjorie Beales † Alan Bowen Blair Brewster Christopher Britton Norman Brunskill Hazel Chapman † Nick Chesworth Sean Collins

Ian Hunter Ross Hyett

David Jackson David Jefferys Chris Kelly

Donald Kerr David Knott Renata Leite The Looker Family • Gary MacManus

1949 - 1956 Mary Batten



Bernard Battley 1948 - 1956 Marion Baxter Sir Peter Bazalgette 1962 - 1971 Vivian Bazalgette 1961 - 1969 Philip Beaven 1957 - 1964 The Revd Colin Beevers 1951 - 1959 Robert Bembridge 1945 - 1953 David Bethell 1975 - 1983 Timothy Birse

John Bushby 1944 - 1948 The Revd Ronald Casebow 1943 - 1950 Roger Chadder 1948 - 1956 Keith Chaundy 1948 - 1955 Dr Geoffrey Cook 1945 - 1955 Nick Cosh 1957 - 1965 Cdr Graham Creedy LVO RN 1948 - 1956 Robert Deakin 1942 - 1945 Peter Dorey 1944 - 1951 Sir Peter R Duffell KCB CBE MC 1949 - 1956 Dr David Dunlop 1954 - 1962 Viviane Edgley Christopher Edwards 1952 - 1961 Susan Ellicott

Brian Ellis MBE 1947 - 1955 Alex Evans 1954 - 1957 Alan Evans 1944 - 1948 David Ewings 1992 - 2002 Christopher Field 1951 - 1959 Alan Finlay 1942 - 1951 Peter Franklin 1946 - 1950 Angus Freathy 1957 - 1965 Godfrey Garrett OBE 1948 - 1956 Anthony Gedge 1949 - 1955 Anthony Gibbs 1947 - 1954 Donald Goodsell 1950 - 1957 Janet Gotch Cdr Bob Grainger 1964 - 1973 Christopher Gravatt 1945 - 1950

Alan Gregory CBE 1937 - 1944 James Hammer CB 1942 - 1947 Anne Hanson 1944 - 1949 John Harper 1942 - 1948 Russell Harper 1976 - 1983 Timothy Havenhand 1974 - 1983 Ian Hay Davison CBE 1945 - 1949 Ronald Hickson 1948 - 1956 Norman Hocknell 1945 - 1950 Michael Holmes 1950 - 1959 Peter Humphrey 1953 - 1960 Ian Hunter-Craig

Raymond Keene OBE 1959 - 1966 Roger D V Knight OBE 1957 -1966 Vaughan Lilley 1953 - 1961 Cdr David Lingard 1952 - 1960 Jacqui MacDonald-Davis JP Ralph Mainard Nigel Massey 1952 - 1960 John Mayhew Triona Mayhew Dale McDonald Sumner 1945 - 1951 Dr Hector McLean CBE 1945 - 1953 The Revd Betty A Mockford Ron Moos 1949 - 1951 William N Morgan 1954 - 1963 Jack M Morrison 1948 - 1955 Dr Peter Mudge 1947 - 1955 Dr Colin Niven OBE 1952 - 1960

Bruce Noble MBE 1951 - 1958 John Norton 1947 - 1956 Richard Norton 1951 - 1959 Thomas Owens 1986 - 1993 Robert A Parker 1950 - 1957 Richard Pearse 1958 -1966 Keith Penfold 1963 - 1971 Barry Phelps Christopher Poulton 1954 - 1962 HH Michael Rich QC 1945 - 1954 The Rt Hon Sir Colin Rimer

Anne Sowton Anthony Spain 1940 - 1944 Merrill Spencer Veronica Spink Michael Stone 1946 - 1954 Mary Stoneley Ralph Sutton 1954 - 1964 Nicholas Tatman

The Venerable Robin Turner CB DL 1952 - 1961 Wilfred Tyson 1948 - 1951 Michael Wade 1967 - 1972 Brig Johnny Walker OBE DL 1951 - 1959 Dr Martin Walker 1971 - 1978 David Walker

1945 - 1950 Terry Walsh John Walters 1954 - 1962 Robert Weaver Roger Westbrook CMG 1952 - 1959 Clive Whitbourn 1957 - 1964 Jane White Anthony Williams 1954 - 1962 Nicholas Winter 1977 - 1983 The Revd Berresford D R Wood 1945 - 1951

1952 - 1958 Barry Taylor 1961 - 1969 Maureen Teitelbaum Brian Thomas 1949 - 1957 Neil Thompson 1954 - 1962 Ann Thornton Prof Sir Bryan Thwaites 1936 - 1940 Prof Andrew Tomkins OBE 1954 - 1961 Lord Andrew Turnbull KCB CVO and Lady Diane Turnbull

1966 - 1973 Diana Blythe Richard Bolton 1945 - 1953 Dr Michael Boyes 1942 - 1946 Patrick T R Brown 1945 - 1953 David Burden 1952 - 1959 Michael Bushby 1944 - 1950

1954 - 1962 Nick Rundle 1969 - 1976 David Shapland 1954 - 1961 Bruce Shilstone 1944 - 1950 Dr Michael Shirley 1948 - 1955

1945 - 1952 John Jones 1955 - 1962

Pauline Jones Dr Niloy Karia 1979 - 1986



Dulwich Common, London SE21 7LD Telephone: +44 (0)20 8299 5335 Email: development@dulwich.org.uk Web: www.dulwich.org.uk

Registered Charity No. 1150064


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