CAILLER BRANDBOOK | edition 2017 | Strictly confidential, Proprietary of Nestlé SA | 14


Embossed and in hot foil, the logo stands out proudly on the pack.

These classic 100g tablets have been everyday favourites for over a century. Our goal was to modernise them while ensuring that the consumer could still instantly find their preferred product.

The «poya» is an ownable visual device used across the products and other contact points, providing a charming insight into the universe of Cailler.

The flavour cue is simple and straightforward, allowing a new consumer to quickly identify the flavour of the product. The use of French and German for the product descriptors reinforces the sense of place and Swissness.

The use of the Maison Cailler on the hot foil stamp reinforces heritage and trustworthiness.

The 2x2 food appeal shots are real and authentic-looking, complete with crumbs and ingredients. They invite sharing.

The Nestlé nutritional compass and regulatory information is condensed to make space for the back of pack storytelling.

Contents information is in standard format for easy navigability.

The story of the product is continued on the back of pack.

Quality labels are grouped to show Cailler’s commitment to ethical sourcing. They are highlighted in colour, to stand out on the back of pack.

The visual story introduced in the poya is continued here.

The URL and social media icons invite the consumer to continue the story online.

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