Microsoft Word - Data Quality Is The Bane of CRM

Data Quality Is The Bane of Sales Management & Forecasting Only 38% of sales (and financial) executives have a high level of confidence in their customer, pipeline and performance insights provided by the systems in their sales stack. Survey by KPMG and Forrester Consulting Pipedrive Integrator Is Changing the Game – What Winners Do Differently! In virtually every industry, the winners are the companies putting data at the heart of their business strategy. These forward-thinking companies are taking a different track than others. They are investing in a strategic approach to data quality – and seeing massive benefits. This strategic approach is detailed in Ron Buck’s new book Defining A Sales Data Strategy – What Winners Do Differently. Data quality is a business-critical issue. Simply put, you need to trust your data if you are going to use it for sales management, forecasting, pipeline management and coaching. At the moment, too many executives don’t. Poor data quality is frustrating sales leadership and stunting their growth. The most effective sales leaders today recognize the role of high- quality, trusted data in their digital transformation and sales growth. One critical challenge for all data quality champions is that sales data doesn’t live in just one system (like CRM) and much of it is created

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