KerrvillePT: 4 Quick Ways To Relieve Sciatica

Health & Wellness

November, 2019



• Pain that feels better when lying down but worsens with standing, walking, or sitting. Fortunately, sciatica pain can be naturally and effectively treated with physical therapy treatments. This is done through both passive and active methods, in addition to targeted spinal mobilization. To learn more about how we can help relieve your sciatica pains so you can get back to living your life comfortably, contact Kerrville Physical Therapy Center today! Passive treatments: Passive treatments for sciatica relief may include massage therapy, ice and heat therapies, electric therapy, or ultrasound. Active treatments: Active treatments include motions, stretches, and specific exercises, aimed at reducing pain and accelerating healing. Spinal mobilization: Movements of each spinal segment helps to relieve pain while simultaneously increasing themobility of your spine.

Sciatica is a specific type of back pain that is very common. Those diagnosed with sciatica typically report feeling pain in their lower back, legs, or buttocks, as it is a condition that develops from issues surrounding the nerves. Sciatica typically affects people between the ages of 30-50, and it can develop for a number of reasons. Certain conditions can lead to sciatica, such as bone spurs, arthritis, or any injury that affects the sciatic nerve. Injuries can also lead to sciatica, such as herniated discs, harsh falls, sports-related collisions, or anything that occurs gradually over time through overuse, repetition, or general “wear and tear.” Some common signs that you may be living with sciatica include: • Constant pain that may originate in the lower back, but travels mainly down the back of the buttock, thigh, calf, and even the foot. • Tenderness or sharp pain into the buttock muscles. • Numbness, tingling, or pain that travels down the back of the thigh.

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