H Charles Jelinek Jr DDS - August 2019

August 2019

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As the father of two adult daughters, I could not be more proud of who they have become. My oldest daughter, Amanda, is a patient, caring teacher to kids with profound disabilities and a doting aunt to her two nieces. She’s getting married this upcoming January to a wonderful guy who is obtaining his Master of Business Administration overseas and serving in the Marine Corps. Her younger sister, Sydney, has taken to motherhood like a duck to water, and, her latest addition, little Penny, has been a joy. Watching Sydney take on parenthood makes me so proud of the example she is setting for her two little girls. It’s been about 12 years since my wife and I had children living in our home. We enjoy our empty nester lifestyle, and every gathering with our kids and their families is fun and exciting. These days, our conversations are often different than the ones we were having when they were little girls. Today, it’s about their jobs, kids, and future goals. It’s not often that my wife and I just have our two girls at home with us. Sydney and Kelan made their way from Richmond to our home to drop off their eldest daughter, Louisa, before driving up to New Jersey for a wedding. At the last minute, they discovered that not only did the bride and groom request children not be brought to their wedding, but they also specified not to bring babies, either. Since Kelan was in the wedding, he had no choice but to go. So, instead of joining him, Sydney stayed behind with the girls, my wife, and me. Amanda joined us, too, and we had the perfect Father’s Day weekend doing nothing special in particular. We relaxed, took our granddaughters to the park, enjoyed a Father’s Day brunch, and ate way too much food. It was nothing grandiose; in fact, to those from the outside looking in, it was pretty mundane. But it was extremely special for us all. We love our sons- in-law, but this was a unique opportunity for my wife and me. We had But this Father’s Day, we had just that! (Kind of.)

conversations as a family about things we hadn’t talked about in years! It was a truly special and great change of plans.

Our lives as empty nesters have shifted a little more, too. This June, Amanda moved back in with my wife and me, so she can save money leading up to her wedding this

upcoming January. Since the lease in her apartment ended and her fiancé is overseas, Amanda needed a

place to crash in between leaving her apartment and finding a new home where she and her husband can start their new lives.

Now, 12 years is a long time to go without having a kid in the home, and, while Amanda is a grown woman, it’s going to be interesting to see what these next six months bring. I’m excited to spend this time with her because if there’s anything that this “not so super special” Father’s Day taught me, it’s that moments like these can be super special.

– H. Charles Jelinek, Jr., DDS


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