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I believe a great way to celebrate the work of the Creator is to spend some time learning about the work He created. This spring, my family and I ventured north to Amazing Creation to learn from environmental experts about the work they are doing and the subjects they study. Our journey took us north of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, into the gorgeous mountainous region. The beautiful Susquehanna River snakes along Route 22, which we followed through the Appalachian Mountains to the Amazing Creation site, which was tucked into a hill. In the morning, the hill was quiet, calm, and peaceful. You could hear the faint whistle of a train in the background as attendees awoke for a day of inquisitive presentations and celebrations of the creations God has made. The two-day event had many family-friendly activities, and each one of us left with a favorite presentation from Amazing Creation. Personally, I enjoyed hearing about an organic honeybee operation that relies on wild pollination to flavor their honey. They had basswood, raspberry blossom, and flavored honey based on the pollination of the plants these particular hives were working near. The group doesn’t rely on high- fructose corn syrup to feed their bees — a known commercial process in Florida orange groves — and they create a product that’s just about as natural as you can get. It’s funny how the commercialization of food hides what is really inside certain products we get

at the grocery store, and, sadly, honey is one of those affected items.

yet unrecognizable forces in our universe that seem to have an effect on it. Even if we cannot identify what is causing these changes, we can see the aftermath. For example, there’s a storm brewing on Jupiter that has been changing in size since it was first discovered. The reasoning behind this is still undetermined, but it’s highly intriguing. Amazing Creation was a great family trip to kick off our summer in late May and early June. There was something for everyone at this event, whether it was looking through specialized telescopes to see the surface of the sun or hearing from an expert about beetles, the animal with the highest species count at 350,000! Our children had so much fun with the other young attendees of the event, making friends and sharing in the camaraderie of honoring our creator. We can’t wait to trek up north again and celebrate what He has created. –Ethan Zimmerman

I was amazed to learn this operation had grown from just one hobby hive a few years back to 100 active hives. By allowing the bees to live and work naturally, this group has developed a strong understanding of the amazing design that went into creating these creatures. For example, worker bees will perform a dance to inform other workers where the best food is located. Bees also require precise temperatures to keep the hive alive and functioning throughout winter, and they frequently have to manage little mites that threaten their hive. For little insects that might appear as a nuisance to a family picnic, bees are so vital to the Creator’s design! The other presentation I was fascinated with was Extreme Cosmos. This presenter focused on black holes and the extreme

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