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Round Sealed Back Up Light

Oval Recessed Taillight

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Fasteners Unlimited Red Oval LED Tail Light - Stop, turn and tail light. Can be mounted in the horizontal or vertical position. Contains 10 LEDs. 100,000 hour rated life. Unit is supplied with a 8-1/2" female lead and grommet. SAE approved. Clamshell package. 211271 003-5504R Red Oval LED Tail Light $35.12

4” round clear lens back-up light. Sonically sealed, waterproof. Flush mount design accepts standard two- way plug. Shock proof socket guarantees long bulb life. Kits include grommet and plug. 210317 BU44CB Back-Up 4" Sealed Kit W/Grommet $8.21

Red Bar LED Light

Command Compact Taillight

Streamline LED Stop/Turn/Tail Light

Corrosion free design (including sockets) utilizes S-8 style lamp maintaining high reliability in demanding environments. SAE approved surface mount. Dimensions: 8-5/8" L x 3-3/4" H x 2-1/8" D. 211268 003-81 Light $15.80 211269 003-81L Light W/License Bracket $17.74 211273 003-81B Light Black Base $15.80 211252 003-81LB Light W/License Bracket, Black Base $17.74 REPLACEMENT LENS 210731 89-187 Lens, Red $8.99 210732 89-188 Lens W/License Illumination $3.87

LED 12" red bar 3 wire. 211482

52435 12" Red Bar 52436 18" Red Bar

$23.24 $28.12


LED Light

9-Diode LED Bar Light

STL-76RB red sealed, surface mount LED stop/turn/tail light with replaceable red snap-on lens. Streamlined design with 11 super diodes for bright, dependable performance. Features patented, replaceable, red outer lens. Clear polycarbonate inner lens is sonic welded to housing for durability. All-weather molded plastic housing and durable lens protect against corrosion.

Separate ground wire. 13.26” x 2.13” x 1.42” 210998 STL-76RB 11 Diode Red Light

Sealed 3-Piece LED Indeniti"cation Bar


Oval Rubber Grommet

Black PVC grommet allows oval lights to be flush mounted.

ID Light Bar Replacement Red Lens for MC11RB and MC99RB trailer lights 210316 MC99RB Red, White Steel Base

Provides shock mount to lengthen bulb life. 210329 A-70GB 6" Oval Rubber Grommet





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