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We are pleased to announce the birth of two new beautiful babies! Physical therapist Jillian Epifania gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Anabelle Grace on February 6, 2017. On March 27, 2017, physical therapist Erica Allocca gave birth to her son Frank Anthony. Jill is profiled this month. Next month’s newsletter will be covering Erica and Baby Frank. How has having a baby girl influenced your life as a PT? I have always loved to learn and try to be the best I could in anything I do, but having Anabelle has given me even more of a reason. I want to be the best example for her, and be someone she looks up to and is proud of. I want to be able to give her everything she would need and a better future. What was it like being 8 months pregnant and working as a PT? I was lucky enough to have an amazing pregnancy and was able to work up until the day before I went into labor. It was difficult at times being on my feet all day, but I didn’t realize how much harder it was working with a big belly bump until I came back from maternity leave and no longer had it! What is your favorite memory with your daughter so far? My favorite memory with my daughter was the first time she rolled over. It was something my husband and I had been working on with her for some time and it was

her first big milestone. I was overwhelmed with how proud I was of her and how strong she had become al-ready. Another favorite memory of mine is the first time Anabelle laughed, be-cause you saw pure happiness and joy. If you could give your daughter one piece of advice, what would it be? It would be to stay true to who she is and find something she is passionate about no matter how long, or how many different turns she needs to take to get there. I feel true happiness comes from within, and with that she could do any-thing. What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends with your daughter? My favorite thing to do on the weekends with Anabelle is spending time with my family. Although most of us work together, seeing the happiness Anabelle brings to my family is a true gift.

Health & Wellness The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body

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Find the misspelled word in this newsletter for your chance to win a $10 GIFT CARD! Call In & Win Hotline: 516-731-3583. Misspelled Mania Edition Experience The Anti-Gravity Treadmill Are painful, arthritic joints preventing you from losing weight? Then I want to introduce you to our Alter G Treadmill! This state of the art technology began at NASAandhasnowtravelled intoourBethpageclinic.The specialized piece of equipment consists of a treadmill belt encapsulated by a pressurized compartment that you are zipped into. By simply putting on a pair of specially designed neoprene shorts, almost anyone can be zipped into the machine and allowed to walk, compensatory strain on the hip, leg, shoulder and neck muscles. A strong core also functions in maintaining our balance and proper postural alignment. Flexible joints and proper body positioning during activities allow our core muscles to function properly, reducing the compensatory strain on hip, shoulder and postural muscles. In addition to suffering unnecessarily, each “minor” back ache slowly weakens your body and puts your spine at greater risk of a more significant injury such as a herniated disc or nerve impingement. Our knowledgeable team of therapists can not only ease yoursymptoms faster thenext timeyour “backgoesout” but they can also help prevent future injuries through focused strength training, stretching, and education. To learn more about back pain and the ways you can combat it, come to our next workshops…Tuesday, September26thatourBethpage locationandThursday, October5thatourRonkonkoma locationat5:30pm.Our physical therapistwillhighlightcommoncausesofback pain, treatment protocols, and preventative measures you can take. Call the office to reserve your spot today!

Discussing Back Pain Relief with Henry Butch Purslow, DPT, PT.

Dear Valued Client,

run, jump or perform stationary exercises weighing as little as 20% of their normal bodyweight. Did you know that every step you take produces forces of 3-5x your bodyweight in your knees? That means that every extra pound for you is 3-5 extra pounds for your knees! Extra weight only exacerbates the symptoms of arthritis in our hips, knees, and ankles. Every step is painful, causing arthritis sufferers to decrease their activity level,which in turn increases theirweight;and theviciouscyclebegins. It’snearly impossible to lose weight if you can’t performweight bearing exercises such as walking and jogging, or leg strengthening exercises like squats. That’s where we have the ability to alter that harsh reality for you, with the use of our Alter G Treadmill. While in this machine a client can be made to feel like they weigh as little as 20% of their actual bodyweight. That means that a client that weighs 250 pounds could walk like they really weigh 50 pounds. Imagine how much easier this person could walk to burn calories. They could evenbepain freeas theygetcardiovascularexercise! Once at your goal weight, the Alter G treadmill can help an arthritic patient maintain that weight through pain free exercise. Unweighting the lower extremity joints alleviates the forces through them, which means less grinding and friction between the rough, arthritic joint surfaces. To experience the phenomenon of near-weightless walking, come in and take a spin in our Alter G Treadmill today!

Many people suffer from intermittent back “aches”,


especiallyas they transition toadulthoodand a more sedentary lifestyle. Most people feel thatbackachesarea “normal”partof life,due to aging and “wear and tear”. Often, a person spends theweekor twoafterabusyweekend ofspringcleaningsuffering fromsharppains uponmovement,difficulty liftingandconstant achingsoreness.Why?Because they think it’s “normal”; however, you don’t have to suffer. Intermittent back pain is frequently a result of core weakness, decreased flexibility and poor body mechanics; all things that you can change. All movement is initiated by the “core” or center of our body. The core is formed by ourabdominalandbackmuscles,pelvic floor and diaphragm. A strong core stabilizes your spine and pelvis as you walk, run, jump, or lift. Weakness in the core muscles causes

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CATCH THE “ZIMMER” BUZZ If you’ve been in our Bethpage office lately, you may wonder what all the “buzz” is about…that buzzing, thumping sound you’re hearing is our newest method of relieving your pain…the Zimmer enPuls 2.0, a high energy shockwave therapy machine. The “Zimmer”, as we refer to it, gives our therapists the ability to provide fast, non-surgical pain relief and mobility restoration to patients with common muscle and tendon injuries.

Shockwave Therapy is the application of high-energy acoustic (pressure) waves to various body tissues. The energy transmitted to the tissues promotes regeneration and the reparative processes of tendons, muscles, soft tissue, and bones. Acoustic waves aide in the reversal of chronec inflammation through the stimulation of new capillary growth, collagen production, and the dissolution of calcifications. In the neck, back and shoulder acoustic waves release trigger points by unblocking the calcium pump. The “Zimmer” can be used for chronic conditions such as plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, and hip bursitis as well as more acute pain associated with tennis elbow, heel spurs, and jumpers knee. Treatment consists of the therapist using a lubricating gel to guide the hand-held applicator head over the affected region until the prescribed amount of energy has been transferred to the tissue. Each treatment session lasts a few minutes, and most patients will require more than one session for maximal benefit. Total treatment time is determined by several factors, including the condition being treated, severity of symptoms, duration of symptoms, and patient tolerance. Most conditions can be treated within four to six weeks. Patients often note some relief of symptoms after the first session! Come in and speak with a therapist to determine if shockwave therapy with the “Zimmer” can help you!

TIPS OF THEMONTH: TENNIS BALL MASSA 1. Hamstring stretch. Lay on your back, grasp behind one thigh holding hip at 90 degrees, straighten knee as far as comfortable, hold 2 seconds, relax knee then repeat 10 times.

Tennis Ball Massage In the midst of the U.S. Open I am reminded that a tennis ball can be your best friend. Got a tight muscle or a “knot” in your back? Use a tennis ball to help massage away that tension and pain. Stand against a wall or lay on the floor, position a tennis ball in the “knot”. Slowly roll the ball across the area of tightness, by moving your body while resting against theball.Gradually increasing theamountofpressure over the ball can deepen the intensity of the “massage”.

2. Lower Trunk Rotation. Lay on your back, bend both knees with feet together, slowly rock knees to one side and then the other, allowing hips to relax at the deepest stretch for 3 seconds, repeat 10 times to each side. 3. Hip Rotator Stretch. Lay on your back, one leg straight and the other bent. Grasp bent knee with both hands and gently pull knee toward opposite shoulder untilstretch is felt in thebuttock,hold5seconds, repeat 10 times on each side.

Morning Stretch Good flexibility is crucial to a healthy, pain free body…we’ve all heard this before but we all find a reason (excuse) why we don’t have time to stretch every day. Maintaining your body’s full range of motion enables us to be active as we age in addition to being able to care for ourselves well into our 80’s, 90’s and beyond. Here’s a quick and easy set of stretches that can be performed in bed, to start your day off on the right foot:

Patient Success Spotlight

Physical Therapists Are The Mechanics Of Your Body

An incredible environment!

“Icame toFPTWbecauseof issues withmyknees.Butchalwayskeeps me laughing and feeling good. There is such an optimistic feeling with all the staff members. I’m a big believer in the mind and body connection. Farmingdale Physical Therapy West is a knowledgeable practice, and an incredible environment for patients, which isoneof themany reasons Ialways refer friends in need.” - Carole Y.

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Why You Need To Come Back In For A Tune- Up: � Move without pain � Bend and move freely � Balance confidently and securely � Sit for long periods comfortably � Walk for long distances � Live an active and healthy lifestyle

Take Care of Your Aches and Pains Before It’s Too Late.


4. Shoulder Stretch. Sit up tall at the edge of your bed, with back straight, reach right arm across your chest, graspbackof rightupperarmwith left hand to apply slight pressure, hold 5 seconds, repeat10 timesoneachside. 5. Neck Rolls. Sitting up straight at the edge of the bed, lean head to the left comfortably, then roll chin into chest and around until your head is tilted to the right, repeat 5 times in eachdirection (onlyperformneck rolls with head forward, not looking up at the ceiling). Now you’re ready to get your day started with some bounce in your step!

“Stand up straight!” That’s probably what your mother always said…turns out she was right! Good posture not only helps prevent injuries, it also makes you look thinner and appear more confident. So, thenext timeyou’reabout to walk into a room do a 5 second posture check…are your shoulders pulled back? Isyourchin tucked inbringing yourearsoveryourshoulders?Areyourhips,kneesand lower back in line with each other?

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We will be hosting two FREE workshops! Our Back Pain & Sciatica workshop will be held Thursday, October 5th, at 5:30PM at the Bethpage location. Our Back Pain and Injury Prevention workshop will be held Tuesday, September 26th, at 5:30PM at the Ronkonkoma location. These FREE workshops consist of informational sessions with a physical therapist. They will listen to you about your problem and how it impacts you. They will take measurements to test how well you are moving and test your strength. After your exam, they will give you a written copy of: • The cause of your problem • A plan for what successful treatment looks like These workshops are ideal for people suffering with pain from:

WHO’S ELIGIBLE? • All past clients who have not been seen in PT in more than 2 months. • All present clients who have another problem currently not being treated. • All loved ones, family, or friends of our past and present patients. • Any stubborn spouses who have been complaining of back pain especially. CALL TODAY! 516-731-3583 Don’t Delay Register For Your FREE Appointment Today! Appointments are free but limited; Only 20 Spots Available. All participants will receive a complimentary pamphlet of “Butch’s Top 5 Ways To Reduce & Eliminate Back Pain”.

• Low back pain • Spinal Stenosis

• Neck Pain • Shoulder Pain • Sports Injury • Hand/Wrist

• Arthritis • Sciatica

If you are having pain or problems with day to day activities such as walking, standing, sitting for long periods, going up or down stairs, getting in or out of the car, sleeping or driving then you should attend these FREE Back Pain workshops!

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