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April 2021

DeSoto City Lights DESOTO CITY COUNCIL EASES STORM BURDEN ON RESIDENTS AND BUSINESSES: Approves Storm-Related Building Permit Fee Waiver and Caps Water/Sewer Charges to Protect Residents & Businesses From Billing Surges The DeSoto City Council recently took two significant acƟons intended to lessen the financial impact to our residents and businesses who have been hit the hardest by the recent winter storm. “DeSoto City Government is aware of how punishing and disrupƟve the recent winter storm has been to our residents and businesses and we have been working hard to help them get through it,” noted DeSoto Mayor Rachel Proctor. “The DeSoto City Council recently approved two iniƟaƟves designed to reduce some of the financial burdens that they might have incurred as a result of the storm, and we are hopeful that this will assist them in their efforts to make the necessary repairs and to move forward.” The DeSoto City Council, at their February 23 rd meeƟng, voted unanimously to approve a resoluƟon to waive all storm damage‐related permit fees for home and business property repairs related to the winter storm. This includes waiving the standard fees for building inspecƟons and fees associated with repairing damage caused by the weather. This relief is being provided through the end of April.

During the March 2 nd meeƟng, Council voted to provide protecƟon against high water and sewer bills as a result of the cold weather. The Winter Water Infrastructure PreservaƟon Credit caps City of DeSoto water customers’ next bill at the lower of actual usage during either the month of January or February 2021. Without this protecƟon, many customers would have received higher bills for February due to higher usage from burst pipes or conƟnuously running faucets. DeSoto customers do not need to do anything to receive this credit. It will be automaƟcally applied to all bills received during the month of March.



APRIL 1 Historical FoundaƟon Mtg. virtual ‐ 6pm 4 Library Board Mtg. Library ‐ 7 pm 5 Arts Commission virtual ‐ 6 pm 5 Park Board MeeƟng ‐ virtual ‐ 6:30 pm 6 City Council Mtg. ‐ virtual ‐ 6 pm 13 Planning & Zoning Mtg.– virtual –6 pm 17 Veterans Benefit Forum virtual ‐ 10 am 19 Topical Work Session ‐ virtual ‐ 6 pm 20 City Council Mtg. ‐ virtual ‐ 6 pm 27 Planning & Zoning Mtg. ‐ virtual ‐ 6 pm MARCH 1 Park Board MeeƟng ‐ virtual 6:30 pm 2 City Council Mtg. ‐ Virtual 6 pm 4 Library Board MeeƟng 7 pm 6 Arts Commission planning retreat 1pm 9 Planning & Zoning Mtg. ‐ virtual 6 pm 15 Topical Work Session—virtual 6 pm 16 City Council Mtg. ‐ virtual ‐ 6 pm 20 Veterans Benefit Forum virtual ‐ 10 am 23 P&Z MeeƟng virtual‐ 6 pm 27 City Wide Clean‐Up Day DESOTO DOWN PAYMENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM DeSoto will soon roll out a new program that provides mortgage assistance for income‐eligible, first‐Ɵme homebuyers. The DeSoto Down Payment Assistance Program can provide up to $10,000 in assistance for first‐ Ɵme homebuyers who qualify based on HUD Income Limits per household size. The amount of assistance will be dependent on the sales price and loan amount from the lender. Through this program, a financial subsidy is available in the form of closing costs and down payment assistance for homes purchased in the DeSoto city limits. Three percent of the loan amount may be used for closing costs and the remainder for down payment or all of the assistance may be used for the down payment. For more informaƟon contact DownPaymentAssistance@desot

The City of DeSoto will hold a Municipal General ElecƟon on May 1, 2021. Here are the candidates: City Council Place 6 Versie Murchison

districts, a map is available on the City’s website at under the Government tab at the top of the page. Important Municipal ElecƟon Dates:  Last day to register to vote ‐ April 1st  First day to early vote ‐ April 19th  Last day to receive an applicaƟon for ballot by mail (ABBM) in the Dallas County office (not postmarked) ‐ April 20th  Last day to receive federal post card applicaƟon (FPCA) ‐ April 20th  Last day to Early Vote ‐ April 27th  ElecƟon Day ‐ May 1st  Last day to receive ballots by mail is ElecƟon Day by 7 pm ‐ May 1st Early voƟng takes place from April 19th to April 27th at Disciple Central Community Church (DC3), located at 901 North Polk Street, DeSoto, Texas. DeSoto

Crystal Chism Entaune Tyson City Council Place 7 Kenzie Moore, III LeƟƟa Hughes

All members of the City Council run by place but are elected at large. This means that they must reside in the district for which they are seeking elecƟon. However, all registered voters who live anywhere in DeSoto may cast ballots for that posiƟon. The Mayor may reside anywhere within the City limits and is also elected at large. If you would like more informaƟon on the City Council

A MESSAGE FROM DESOTO’S VETERANS AFFAIRS COMMITTEE: DeSoto’s monthly in‐person Benefit Forums are currently suspended due to the COVID‐19 Pandemic. But we will conƟnue providing informaƟon to our Veterans VIRTUALLY so please watch for our Virtual Veterans Benefit Forums on the third Saturday of each month at 10 am on the City of DeSoto Facebook Page @desototx, on the City’s website at and on Government Channel 16 for Spectrum Cable subscribers and 99 for AT&T U‐verse subscribers. These virtual benefit forums provide veterans and family members with important informaƟon on topics such as VA

972.230.9690 the DeSoto Public Library and the staff will provide assistance in geƫng your applicaƟon submiƩed to Dallas County. You must register by April 1, 2021 in order to vote in the May 1, 2021 elecƟon. registered voters can also vote at any Dallas County Early voƟng locaƟon. Please check the City’s website for a list of other Dallas County voƟng sites. If you are not a registered voter in Dallas County and wish to vote in this elecƟon, please complete an applicaƟon at ApplicaƟons are also available at For more informaƟon on the upcoming elecƟon, visit our website at, scroll down and follow the link to Municipal General ElecƟon informaƟon.

medical services, Veterans burial benefits, applying for Aid and AƩendance and more.

We also have access to knowledgeable professionals and would be happy to assist you in connecƟng with them for assistance with filing for benefits or claims quesƟons. Just give us a call at 972.230.9648 and we will do our best to connect you to someone who can help.



TEXAS RENTAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM The City of DeSoto in partnership with The MINT FoundaƟon, is offering a short‐term rental assistance program to DeSoto residents through the Texas Emergency Rental Assistance Program (TERAP). This program provides rental assistance to income‐eligible households impacted by COVID‐19 to help them stay housed during the pandemic. The TERAP is an alternaƟve to the program offered by Dallas County, in that the TERAP specifically assists low‐to‐ moderate income residents. The program can pay up to six months of an eligible household's rent, including rental arrears, with at least one of those months covering a month of future rent. Residents and landlords interested in applying to the Texas Emergency Rental Assistance Program will need to contact The MINT FoundaƟon, who will screen applicants, determine eligibility, and arrange for payments to be sent directly to the landlord. ApplicaƟons will be accepted unƟl all available funding is spent. For addiƟonal informaƟon including program guidelines, restricƟons, and documentaƟon needed, please contact The MINT FoundaƟon directly at 972.224.7200 or visit

The residents of DeSoto have spoken. Your City Council is responding.

DeSoto residents have been vocal about the desire for expanded dining and shopping opƟons within DeSoto city limits. In June 2020, City Council approved vendor contracts authorizing a major planning study effort to reimagine a one‐ mile secƟon of the Hampton Road corridor between Belt Line Road and Pleasant Run Road. The ulƟmate objecƟve is to lay the groundwork for creaƟng a sustainable “desƟnaƟon” in the city center for residents to enjoy. The study work kicked off in August 2020. The major study deliverable will be a corridor plan for future private land uses and roadway design concepts that work cohesively to create the desired desƟnaƟon. This plan will serve as the guide for all future economic development acƟvity that occurs along this targeted corridor secƟon. The purpose for roadway concepts developed in conjuncƟon with the plan will be to support future targeted development. It will be essenƟal for the future re‐designed roadway to accommodate more than motor vehicles. ConsideraƟons will be made to accommodate transit, pedestrians, and bicycles. The final corridor plan is expected to be approved by Council toward the end of 2021. The success of this plan is dependent on feedback from stakeholders. Your opinion is valuable. Residents are encouraged to visit the project website at to provide feedback and to stay informed about the status of the planning study. For more informaƟon contact City Engineer, Tony Irvin at Ɵ


Trash Pickup & Meetup Locations: Hampton & Parkerville Belt Line & Cockrell Hill Belt Line & Elerson Wintergreen & I-35 E Call 972.230.9653 for info

7 am

10 Reasons to Join The Adopt‐A‐Street Program

Keeping DeSoto clean and liƩer free is everyone’s responsibility. Even our City Manager, Brandon Wright, and new Mayor, Rachel Proctor (pictured below) pick up trash on a regular basis. Do your part, don’t liƩer and when you see liƩer, please pick it up.

1. You gain a sense of community by helping to keep it clean. 2. It teaches your children to GIVE as they watch you do it. 3. It keeps toxins out of the soil. 4. If someone sees you doing it, they may be inspired to pick one day as well – adding to the goodwill in your community. 5. It diverts pollutants like plasƟc from our waterways. 6. It’s a great way to get some exercise ‐ “walk and squat”. 7. Clean parks and streets are safer for everyone. 8. Wild animals and fish don’t consume unnatural substances that destroy species. 9. It’s a great way to spend Ɵme with family and friends. 10. Most importantly, you will feel happy that you have GIVEN back to your community, your children, your planet, and yourself! AND...a sign recognizing your efforts will be erected in your adopted area! For more informaƟon or to request an applicaƟon to parƟcipate in the Adopt‐a‐Street program call 972.230.9643.

Public Welcome!


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