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On Sept. 1, my wife and son were both ready to start decorating for the season. The weather outside may still be hot and beautiful, but inside our house, Nicole has created a cozy fall retreat. It even smells like fall in our house. Meanwhile, Finn is on a mission to turn our home into a real house of horrors. We were a little behind on decorating the new house for fall because we spent a week in San Diego while the water restoration team cleaned up Finn’s waterfall. But we’re back on schedule now, and the house certainly shows it. A few weeks ago, we took Finn to Lowes, where they had those big inflatable Halloween decorations on display. Finn became obsessed with them, and long story short, there’s a 16-foot-tall blow-up ghost hanging out on our front lawn. It’s so obnoxious and awesome — we’re like the Halloween Griswolds of our neighborhood. Our family goes bananas for Halloween, mainly because of Finn. We end up swinging by the pop-up Halloween store a few times throughout the season to get all the supplies we need. Ever since he was a baby, Finn has loved going in the Halloween stores and seeing all the scary, gory decorations. It’s a little creepy how into it he is. This Halloween, I’m starting to see how two kids can be raised together and yet develop totally different personalities. When it comes to Halloween, Harlow is the opposite of Finn. Harlow just turned 2, and while she’s still really crazy all the time, she’s also starting to be more of a girly girl. Unlike Finn, Harlow does not care for scary things. When they were shopping for decorations, Nicole had to talk Finn down from fake bloody arms and creepy clown decals, because it would have scared Harlow. It’s pretty wild to see our kids growing up into their different, unique selves. They have the same DNA and are being raised in the same environment with the same experiences, but already it’s clear how different their

Ever since he was a baby, Finn has loved going in the Halloween stores and seeing all the scary, gory decorations.

personalities will be. Finn has decided he’s going to be a vampire this year, and he wanted Harlow to be a bat. When Harlow heard this, she just shook her head and declared, “No! Me Moana!” She wants to dress like the main character from the Disney movie “Moana.” Nicole

and I were pretty proud to hear this. Moana is a really fierce hero, and it makes us happy to know our little girl views herself as being strong and brave like her favorite character.

This time of year is all about family. Halloween is in a few weeks, and that will kick off the holiday season. There’s a lot of fun coming up, and I am

so happy I get to celebrate with my crazy, wonderful family. Nicole works so hard to make things super special for our kids, and I look forward to seeing how Finn and Harlow continue to grow and discover the world around them. –Case Barnett

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