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Making life better: Kevin Grigg President and CEO of Fuss & O’Neill (Manchester, CT), a company that – since its founding in 1924 – has grown to include 10 regional offices, one LLC, and more than 320 employees.


I n 2012, Grigg joined Fuss & O’Neill as COO and brought with him a fresh perspective on how to manage the company. In 2018, he was named president and CEO. Over the past few years, he’s worked closely with senior leaders, project managers, and corporate services to help ensure healthy and sustainable profitability and cash-flow. He’s also worked to reconfigure Fuss & O’Neill’s business development program to help the company position itself more effectively externally, understanding that building client relationships is essential to long-term success. “Making life better is inherent in all that we do,” Grigg says. “Whether it’s the water we drink or the roads and bridges on which we drive or the environmental safety of the many public and private properties that we help clean up, our engineers and scientists are the doctors and nurses of the built and natural environments.” A CONVERSATION WITH KEVIN GRIGG. The Zweig Letter: You became CEO of Fuss & O’Neill in

2018. Prior to that, you worked at the firm for about five years. What’s the most important accomplishment you’ve achieved since being CEO? Kevin Grigg: Shepherding the firm through these unprecedented times. Close “seconds” would be improving the environment around employee, shareholder, and board relations and the work of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. TZL: How has COVID-19 impacted your firm’s policy on telecommuting/working remotely? KG: We have always allowed telecommuting subject to the approval of one’s supervisor. The pandemic has resulted in our actively encouraging employees to do so for their health and safety as well as for the health and safety of their fellow employees and loved ones. Going forward it is highly likely that a substantial portion, if not the majority of our employees, will be working remotely on both intermittent and permanent bases.


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