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You can Multiply your own ministry through more than 1,600 BIOLA stu­ dents who go out each week to win others for Jesus Christ. You extend your life and influence through these young people as they graduate and go out to serve the Lord wherever He may choose to lead them.

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Christian men and women are often con­ cerned about the matter of investing their funds. Some do not wish to become involved in stocks and bonds because of the fluctuation and uncertainty of eco­ nomic conditions. But they are inter­ ested in security and assured income. MOODY ANNUITIES meet both of these requirements! ► They assure an income up to 9.09% (depending on your age) and this for as long as you live. To support this guar­ antee are the resources of Moody Bible Institute. The Institute has never missed or been late with a single payment. And in addition , this extra dividend . . . your annuity funds are carefully put to work in the great program of Moody Bible Institute, and thus you share directly in the blessings of this worldwide gospel ministry. W OULD YOU LIKE TO RECEIVE DO UBLE DIVIDENDS ON YOUR MONEY? WeTl be happy to send you the f r e e booklet, Double Dividends, which explains the Moody Annuity Plan in detail. MOODY B IB LE IN S TITU TE 820 N. LaSalle Street, Chicago, Illinois 60610 P le a s e se n d m e , w ith o u t o b lig a tio n , □ Double Dividends, story of Moody Annu­ ity P lan; □ F older relating to W ills; □ Information on Life Income Agreements. Name. Age Address City ________ State _________ Zip 62YEARSWITHOUTLOSSTOANANNUITANT! Write: Annuity Department Dept. IOK9




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Taken at Granite Dells north of Prescott, Arizona, just off of U.S. 89. This is a scenic little area featuring a couple of small lakes and an interesting assort­ ment of granite formations and giant boulders. Photo by Darwin Van Campen.

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*a message from the editor *

Meditations on the moon mission

Pres. Biola Schools and Colleges, Inc.

S o m e t i m e h a s p a s s e d since our courageous astronauts first stepped onto the surface of the moon. Almost everyone has an opinion concerning the value to the United States of this astonishing feat. There has been rather widespread criticism of the cost of the moon mission, especially in view of the fact that the conditions on our planet, and particularly in our own country, are far from satisfactory. The complaint has been expressed that the money could have been spent more wisely on urban develop­ ment and the general upgrading of living conditions in more be­ nighted areas of our land. Some people are asking the question: “In view of the fact that we can send men to the moon, why can’t we cure the ills in our beloved land?” It is strange, but the obvious answer seems to be seldom, if ever, heard or read. In developing the necessary equipment to place man on the moon, scientists are dealing with lifeless things. Ex­ periments reveal the fact that once these inanimate objects are put together in a certain way, they always respond in a certain way. That is why perfection of performance is possible. But this is not the case when one is dealing with human beings and human nature. People do not always react in the same way. They respond differently in different places to a similar set of conditions. Even the same person will not always react in the same way at different times to the same circumstances. It is infinitely easier to handle mechanical and electronic apparatus than it is to deal with living human beings. Another very obvious fact that seems to be totally ignored in discussing the matter of aiding men and women to improve them­ selves and their surroundings is the undeniable reality of sin in the human heart. These days no one wants to talk about this sub­ ject. While all intelligent people recognize that there is something basically wrong with society, the majority do not want to admit that the basic problem is sin. If it were not so desperately tragic, actually it would be humorous to read statements from sociologists, politicians, psychologists and moralists of various types as they endeavor to diagnose the ills of society. While they employ high- sounding terminology; and debate the problems in great detail, they meticulously avoid any reference to the simple, fundamental explanation of sin in the human heart. They do not dare admit the real cause of all the trouble because that would be to agree exactly with what the Word of God has to say about it. The liberal element in the Protestant denominations has brain­ washed the average layman so effectively that he would not rec­ ognize man’s true spiritual condition if it were explained to him. The “pink” and “red” visionaries would like to see all of society brought to a common level of wealth by acceding to the utterly stupid Marxist-Communist philosophy: “From each according to his ability to each according to his need.” He fails to comprehend THE K IN G 'S BUSINESS

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the simple economic fact that in such division of wealth, the clever schemers in a short time would have most of the money back in their possession. The masses would be right back where they have been for centuries. Communism has failed in the past; is failing today wherever it is being tried; and will fail in the future because of the greed of the human heart. God’s Word declares: “The heart . . . is desperately wicked” (Jer. 17:9). If “having things common” did not succeed even in the early church, as recorded in Acts 2, when men’s hearts had been changed by the working of the Holy Spirit in their lives, it is not difficult to imagine the consummate breakdown of equal distribution of wealth among unregenerate men. Taken by and large, regenerated men and women are the most honest, upright and respectable citi­ zens of any community, against evil, and for the right. Yet there is no perfection, and even Christians often fail miserably to live exemplary lives before their fellow-Christians, families and the world. Sin is indeed a desperate thing. It is indescribably heinous and its vile character is evident in myriad forms in every strata of society. Every law on the statute books is there because of sin in the human heart. Every court of justice in the land exists be­ cause of sin in the human heart. Every police officer is required because of the fact of sin in the human heart. Every padlock on every door in every home in the land is mute testimony to the fact of sin in the human heart. Hospitals, sanitariums, convalescent homes, jails, and prisons are all proofs of sin in the human heart. Whenever one turns and wherever one looks, he sees the result of this thing called sin. So it is the height of folly to try to deal with the problems of human nature without taking into consideration this evil which has a stranglehold on human beings everywhere. To orate about “changing society” and creating a Utopia without reckoning with the real problem of sin is like covering a cancer with adhesive tape and expecting it to go away. We are constantly warned against mentioning this awful word and the dreadful condition it describes. This called negative thinking, and is regarded as too somber, morose, frightening. We must think positively; we must go on endeavoring to cure the ills of society with a bit of patchwork here and another there. For two generations and more, the “do-gooders” have been forcing this senseless philosophy on the human race and continuing their merry, Pollyanna tune while men and women, without God, without hope, without salvation, continue on the road to hell, and conditions everywhere worsen day by day. We are getting nowhere with this idealistic approach and one would think the promoters of it would surely despair and give up eventually. Actually this is exactly what the Word of God predicted about the last days before the Lord Jesus Christ returns. Paul wrote of those who “have a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof” and this is exactly what the “do-gooders” emphasize — their form of godliness. The power of the Gospel is still changing lives through faith in the atonement of Jesus Christ on Calvary’s Cross. The world has rejected that procedure entirely and as a result there is only way for it to go and that is the way to hell. That is exactly what the Bible says is the destination of those who follow this line of thinking. Thank God there is another way: it’s a narrow way, but it leads to life everlasting, and few there be that find it. But it is the way of the cross and it leads to our Heavenly Home. The question the moon mission has raised can be answered in one word: “Christ is all we need.”

Hallelujah Chariot Evelyn Hathaway tells the delightful story of her father, Andrew Hendricks, a minister in Los Angeles at the turn of the century. Here are Papa, Mamma, their five children, and the unusual assortment of people who rode in Papa’s beloved, elongated Model T—the Hallelujah Chariot. $4.95

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hostage in DJAKARTA

The savage agony and in­ tense passion of a man stretched to the breaking point by the communists in Indonesia. 75o


The moving autobiography of a man who built his life and multi­ million dollar corporation

on God’s precepts. 75o




WHERE CAN A JEW FIND CHRIST? On street corners, in homes, in shops, and in our witnessing cen­ ters, our workers faith­ fully proclaim the story of redemption accord­ ing to Moses and the prophets, and the gos­ pel message from the New Testament, and Jews are finding the Saviour. For help in witnessing, or for your own spiritual need, w.riteto: Rev. A. A. MacKinney General Director American Messianic Fellowship 7448 N. Damen Avenue, Chicago, III. 60645 generous income, and to determine with certainty the disposal after their death of that which the Lord entrusted to their stewardship without delays, deductions, inheritance taxes, and probate court costs.

Practical Missionary Training, Inc., is now a part of the Central American Mis­ sion, according DR. WILLIAM H. TAYLOR, general secretary of CAM. PMT Is in its twenty-first year of providing on-the-field missionary orientation for youths and adults. The organization has become a subsidiary of the CAM. REV. KENNETH L. BEMIS, PMT’s Director since 1961, remains in that capacity.

A Jewish boy accepted a tract, "Isaiah's Por­ trait of Messiah" and immediately asked. Can you tell me more about this?" There on a street corner in Chicago a 12 year old boy listened intently to the skillful presentation of the Scriptures and ac­ cepted Jesus Christ as his Messiah and Sav­ iour. A middle-aged Jew­ ess, after hearing the gospel for several years at Miami Beach called and said, "I am terribly distressed. Please come over. I must find the Lord today."

The Light Bearers Assoc, of Arizona is conducting a ministry with Sunday afternoon church services in 44 nursing homes throughout the state. The minis­ try is directed to elderly people who are isolated from society. In message and song special emphasis is directed toward evangelism. The association offers free information how properly to organize a similar ministry in other cities through­ out the country. Inquiries should be di­ rected to FLOYD S. SELBY, Executive Director, 1744 E. Orange Drive, Phoenix, Arizona 85016. Evangelist LUIS PALAU and the Over­ seas Crusades team in Mexico will con­ duct a United Metropolitan Crusade in Mexico City during October 5-19. The Crusade will be sponsored by 47 Pres­ byterian churches and congregations in Mexico City and surrounding areas. REV. GEORGE SWEETING, senior pas­ tor at Moody Memorial Church, and the voice of the radio broadcast “Songs in the Night,” has been named to the board of Moody Bible Institute of Chi­ cago. Mr. Sweeting is a 1945 graduate of the organization’s pastors' course. Moody Press and Latin America Mis­ sion Publications are co-operating in a house to house literature distribution drive in Colombia, South America dur­ ing the first three months of 1970. They will work through bookstores in the Colombian Christian Booksellers Asso­ ciation. The first Latin-American congress on Evangelism to take place is scheduled for Nov. 21-30. The theme is "Action in Christ for a Continent in Crisis." The congress, expected to bring together nearly 1,000 delegates from all over Latin America, will be held in Bogota, Colombia. Woman-Power, located in Asheville, North Carolina, is distributing petitions which will be sent to PRESIDENT RICH­ ARD M. NIXON, asking him to take ac­ tion against certain laws that would li­ cense pornography and degrade the moral principles of youth in this country. The petitions ask the President to take immediate action to reverse the Su­ preme Court decisions concerning li­ censed pornography, law enforcement obstructions, Communist t e a c h e r s , prayer and Bible reading ruled out of the educational institutions, and Com­ munists employed in defense plants. The petitions are available from Woman- Power, P.O. Box 507, Asheville, North Carolina 28802.

ANNUITY PLAN Payments as high as eight percent for those in the higher age brackets. Annuitants are enabled to receive throughout life a


REV. ANDREW ACQUISTAPACE, di­ rector of public relations for Los Angeles Baptist College, Newhall, California, trav­ eled this summer with DAVID HARRIS, accordionist, and MARK PENBERTHY, in gospel team outreach. The ten-week tour covered sixteen states and presented 54 church services in addition to ten youth rallies. C om ing N e x t M o n th . . . November highlights in THE KING’S BUSI­ NESS Magazine include a special emphasis on Christian music. What is the Christian view in relation to the contemporary sounds? Titles in the November magazine include: What Shall We Sing?, Music: Tool or Tyrant?, and The Biblical Teaching on Music. With the usual practical emphasis on topics re­ lating to the Christian home, this issue w ill be an ideal g ift for friends. Single copies are available at 30 cents or 10 for $2.00.


Biota College, La Mirada, Calif., will sponsor four summer travel programs available to stu­ dents, teachers, and anyone who enjoys travel with a Christian group. 1 Bible Lands, July 7 • August 25. Visit Israel, Greece, Italy—$1395. Studies in history, philosophy, archaeology, Bible, apologetics. Also Bible Conference Tour, July 7-21, $895.00. 2 . Spain, North Africa, Near East, July 12 - August 2—$995. Studies in history. 3 . Central America, July 10- August 21— $445. Studies in history, Spanish, missions, geography. A Europe, July 12-August 2—$795. Studies ’ ■ in psychology, history. For complete brochures and details, write to: BIOU COLLEGE, ISRAEL CARMONA 13800 Hole Avenue, La Mirada, Calif. 90038

The King’s Business 13800 Biola flve. La Mirada, Calif. 90638



thatwill Surprise You!

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Justice Glenn Terrell, Former Chief Justice o f the Supreme Court of Florida: “The inscription over the entrance to the Graduate School Bldg, of the Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida, is: ‘The H alf of Knowledge Is to Know Where to Find Knowledge.’ The New Chain Reference Bible is the ‘Where* to find the fullest spiritual truths and to gain the most complete, knowledge of the Bible in the easiest way. For the past two years I have used the New Chain Reference Bible and I have found it the best of them all.*’ Dr. V. R. Edman: “The New Chain Reference Bible is a most valuable help to me in searching the Scriptures as well as in devotional reading. Study therein is most rewarding.” Dr. Harold J. Ockenga: “The New Chain Reference Bible is splendid. For the new Christian or for one who has studied the Bible for forty years, the helps are tim e-saving and of great assistance. It is truly a Bible that should be In every hom e.” Dr. Duke K. McCall: “The New Chain Reference Bible not only provides a w ealth of useful helps for Bible study but also provides them in a form which m akes them accessible to the user. For the most usable and tim e-saving helps, I suggest that one carefully exam ines this Bible before buying any other.” Dr. Paul S. Rees: “For sheer helpful­ ness, the New Chain Reference Bible is a jew el. It is a pleasure to commend it to all lovers of the Scriptures.” Dr. Edward E. R. Elso n : “For tw enty- five years, I have used the New Chain Reference Bible as my study and devotional Bible. As an aid to Biblical study and hom iletical effort, it has alw ays been at my right hand. For the preacher, teacher and student of the Bible, it is unsurpassed.” Dr. J. C. McPheeters: "I regard the New Chain Reference Bible as the best Bible published with special helps to guide the student in Bible study.” Dr. Bob Jones, Sr.: “You will do any man a great favor by putting this Bible in his hands. I wish I could Influence every Christian to purchase one of these Bibles.” Rapidly Repl acing Other Bibles— Has So Many More New Helps! 1. Unique chart showing Origin and Growth of the English Bible.

The Revised Version is given in the wide margin opposite the verses, wherever an important difference in meaning occurs. Be Fair to Yourself! See this special Bible w ith its un­ equaled practical helps before you buy an y Bible— or you m ay regret it as others have. A sk you r pastor about it. N o other Bible is so h igh­ ly praised by so m any renowned Bible Students.

33. Life studies, such as Business Life, HomeLife, etc. 34. Bible Stories for Children. A list of 56 stories to be read from the Bible itself. 35. Miracles of both the Old and New Testaments. 36. Parables of the Old Testament. Parables of the New Testament, each GospeL 37. Titles and names of Christ; of the Holy Spirit; of 40. List of the Judges of Israel and Judah. 41. List of the Notable Women of the Bible. 42. Mountains and Hills referred to in Bible. 43. Dictionary Material. 44. Tables of Time, Money, Weights and Measures. More Unusual Features in the Helps 45. The Historical Bridge, covering interval between the Old and New Testaments. 46. Chart showing the History of the Apostles. 47. Harmony of the Gospels, citing references in dif­ ferent Gospels where events are given. 48. Calendar of the Christian Era. 49. The Post-Resurrection Appearances of Jesus. Illus­ trated with well-known paintings. 50. Chart of the Seven Churches of Asia, described by John. 51. An Outline History of the Evangelistic and Mis­ sionary Work of the Early Church. 52. The Prophecies Concerning Jesus and their Fulfill­ ment. arranged Chronologically, with principal verses printed out in full. 53. Map Showing Approximate Distances from Jerusa­ lem to Various Historical Points. 54. Chart Showing the Interior Arrangement of the Temple at Jerusalem. 55. Nineteen Special Hlustrated Maps Showing the Journeys of Abraham. Children of Israel. Joshua. Gideon, Samuel. Saul. David. Solomon, Jesus. Paul and Peter. These are separate maps, mind you—not several crowded together on one page. 56. Places of Religious Worship, Hebrew Times. Fes­ tivals and Religious Officials. New in the Fourth Improved Edition God the Father; and of Satan. 38. General Bible Prophecies. 39. A list of the Prophets of the Bible.

2. The Outline Studies of Bible Periods, comparing Biblical History with Contemporary Secular History. 3. The Analysis of the Bible as a Whole. 4. The Analysis of each of the 66 Books of the Bible. 5. The Analysis of every Chapter of the New Testa­ ment. 6. The Analysis of the Verses of the entire Bible. 7. Tiie Numerical Chain Reference System. 8. Speeial Analysis of the Important Bible Characters. 9. Contrast between the Old and New Testaments. 10. The Topical Treasury. New Topics for Prayer Meetings. Men's. Women’s. Young People’s Meetings, etc. 11. Special Bible Readings for private devotions and public services. New and different subjects. 12. Bible Harmonies of the Lives of Moses and PauL 15. Chart, showing cause of the Babylonian Captivity. 16. Chart of the Temple of Truth, illustrating the Sermon on the Mount. 17. Chart of Jesus’ Hours on the Cross. 18. Tiie Christian Workers’ Outfit. Of Special value to soul winners. in. All Prominent Bible Characters Classified, listing the Patriarchs. Leaders in Early Hebrew History, etc. 20. Golden Chapters of the Bible. 21. A Complete General Index of over seven thousand topics, names, and places. 22. Special Memory Verses selected from each Book of the Bible. 23. Cliart showing Seven Editions of Divine Law. 24. Graph of the Prodigal Son. 25. Bible Mnemonics, or how to memorize. 26. The Principles and Best Methods of Bible study. 27. Pictorial Illustration of the River of Inspiration. 28. Bible Markings, Explaining best methods of mark­ ing one’s Bible. 29. Concordance. 30. Atlas of 12 colored maps with Index. Other Features in Text Cyclopedia 31. Topical Study of the Bible. Correlated Scriptures printed out in full under 2467 topics and sub-topics. Three times as many'as in any other Bible. 32. Contrast Study of Great Truths of the Bible. En­ ables you to study the Constructive and Destructive Forces of Life with the Bible verses printed out in full. 13. Special Portraits of Jesus. 14. Chart of the Messianic Stars.

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57. Archaeological Supplement. Over 100 Hlustrated accounts of discoveries in Bible lands linked by number with the Bible text. B.B. Q ^ r/d rid e BIBLE CO..INC. DEPT. K-2210, 39 EAST OHIO I N D I A N A P O L I S , I N D I A N A 4 6 2 0 4





replies. They cover the areas of sports, habits, worldly amusements, the Christian’s relationship to the unsaved, and many related vital mat­ ters. When the records are heard and the guides properly followed, young people will find they have received a valuable lesson which may be re­ tained in permanent form. Cost is $4.00 postpaid, available from Accent Crusade, P.O. Box 222, Paramount, Calif. 90723. The 20th century church enjoys much limelight today as it is fea­ tured in book after book. The prob­ lem, however, lies in the content of these volumes as they vary from a few presenting a weak defense and the majority calling for radical over­ haul or complete dissolution and abandonment of the institutional church. This brief work faces this same question but seeks to combine a positive side, showing the useful­ ness of the institutionalized church and yet pointing out some of the de­ fects that are quite apparent. The author’s viewpoint is interesting in that it is not as extreme as many. Yet he is looking for Christians who are active about their faith. He gives his own definition and framework of the church. In light of this he pre­ sents his evaluation of its function and usefulness. He is calling for more meaning and involvement for the activities that are occurring at the church. The chapter on “Teaching Them . . . All Things” should be considered by both Christian educator and pas­ tor. Mr. Noyce sees what the church could become and there is a hopeful note within this volume but he does make it clear as to the church’s weak­ ness. In terms of teaching by lay­ men in the church he states, “In most congregational life no clear line divides the teaching of those who are moving toward participation and those who, having professed faith, are seeking to grow in it. Official membership is the only formal mark, and in mainline Protestantism mem- THE K IN G 'S BUSINESS THE CHURCH IS NOT EXPENDABLE by Gaylord B. Noyce

THE END TIMES by Herman A. Hoyt

Eschatology is the study of events which will transpire at the end of the church age. Dr. Hoyt is president of Grace College and Grace Theologi­ cal Seminary. He presents a very clear and understandable teaching concerning all of these subjects in­ cluding physical death, the interme­ diate state of the individual, the church and the second coming of Christ, the tribulation, the millenni­ al reign of the Saviour, and on through the judgments and the eter­ nal state of the lost as well as the saved. The volume is carefully ref­ erenced with Scripture portions docu­ menting well-prepared text. — 256 pages; cloth; Moody Press, Chicago, 111.; $4.95. For many years Dr. Barnhouse, e d i t o r of Eternity Magazine and well-known Bible teacher, a gradu­ ate of Biola, now home with the Lord, used his pen to point up Scrip­ tural truths with very practical sug­ gestions. Each article, about a page in length, provides excellent material for devotional studies. — 242 pages; cloth; Tyndale House Publishers, Wheaton, 111.; $4.95. REVIEW OF A RECORD A message entitled “Christian Liv­ ing in a Cruddy World,” by Ken Poure, Extension Director for Hume Lake Christian Conference and Di­ rector of Accent Family Crusades, was recorded live at one of the youth sessions presented during the Youth Rally of the National Sunday School Convention in September 1968, at Anaheim, California, and is now available for use with young people. What makes this record unique is that it is accompanied with direc­ tions for listening to it. There are Listening Guides for Sides I and II which provide questions on the ma­ terial presented in the records to which the young listeners write their WORDS FITLY SPOKEN by Donald Grey Barnhouse



H A L L OW E E N T R A C T S ! A golden opportunity to reach children— and grownups too J effective tracts are available: M ake This a Real Halloween

False Faces

Don't Be a Pumpkinhead

Tracts are 4 pages; 2 colors $1 per 100; $9 per 1000, postpaid WRITE FOR FREE SAMPLES Faith, Prayer & Tract League Dept. ICH, 1016 Eleventh Street, MW. Grand Riapids, Mich. 49504

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bership does not signify unusual ma­ turity and commitment.” The meaning and usage of small groups within the church are given a concise but fair and meaningful treatment. Many of the suggestions are sound and expressed well. Not all will agree with Mr. Noyce’s evalu­ ation or suggested alternatives, and at times it would have been of help to have terms defined in more detail. There are certain expressions or thoughts that could have meaning read into them which could leave one with the question “Just what is meant here and where does the au­ thor stand?” This is an interesting work and worth reading but more than that worth discussing and hold­ ing as a mirror to one’s own church to capture the reflection.—128 pages; cloth; Westminster Press, Philadel­ phia; $3.95. — Reviewed by H. Nor­ man Wright. CONTEMPORARY COMMENTARIES (The Gospel Ac­ cording to Mark) by Richard Wolff. 137 pages; paper; Tyndale House Publishers, Wheaton, III.; $1.95. In a new method of presentation, as well as in a current method of communication, the au­ thor, who Is president of the International Christian Broadcasters, deals with this most important portion of God's Word concerning Christ, the Son of man. WANDERERS, SLAVES, AND KINGS by Manford George Gutzke. 168 pages; paper; Regal Books, Glendale, Calif.; $.95. The voice of "The Bible for You" daily radio programs presents a series of personal Bible studies designed for dally devo- tionals. The concise chapters revolve around great personalities of Old Testament history. SPIRITUAL MATURITY by 1. Oswald Sanders. 192 pages; paper; Moody Press, Chicago, III.; $.75. Taken from an earlier hard cover edition of 1962, the material shows the reason why Christians should grow in the grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Perseverance, discipline, and ultimate compensa­ tions are revealed from a close study of God's Word. DRIVEN AFAR by Betty Swinford. 159 pages; paper; Moody Press, Chicago, III.; $1.35. First pub­ lished in 1965, the current edition contains two Christian fiction stories based upon the activities of young people. One involves a jungle airplane crash while the other is involved with the problems of a maladjusted child. HOW FAR CAN I GO! by Larry Richards. 159 pages,- paper,- Moody Press, Chicago, III.; $1.95. The author seeks to deal with contemporary prob­ lems in what he feels is a "point blank" method. Doubtless this edition would be helpful to place in the hands of teenagers or used by those working with young people. INTRIGUE IN SANTO DOMINGO by James Hefley. 184 pages; doth; Word Books, Waco, Tex.; $3.95. Sensing the tremendous influence of American mis­ sionary Howard Shoemake in the Dominican Republic, the author traces the steps of this modern day am­ bassador of the cross through a life of active service, medicine, radio, church, civil defense, education, welfare, and community projects. BOOK ENDS______ (A Review of Current Publications)

WhoWillAnswer? Ramabai Mukti Mission, for 80 years, has responded with Christian love to the hu­ man needs of countless orphans, abandoned children, adolescent girls, and destitute women in the poverty-ridden Bombay area of India. In a country so unbelievably crowded, one tiny person can mean very little— except to Jesus Christ— and to the Ramabai Mukti mission workers who serve humanity Will YOU Answer?

in His name, as they provide basic school­ ing, medical care, and the training of girls for homemaking and for Christian leader­ ship. The helpless voices that continue calling to us are calling to you, too. Through your prayers and support, you can become a full-time partner in the ongoing minis­ tries of Ramabai Mukti Mission, never more critically needed than today.

Please let us know — now — by using the coupon below.

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Qj Please send me more information and your monthly publications. Name------------------------------------------------- Address________________________________ City--------------------------------------------------- State______________ _Zip_

Yes, I want to help answer the needs of neglected persons in India, by sharing with your Mission in providing hope and Chris­ tian training for: |~| An orphaned child— $12.00 a month. [~~| A teacher, nurse, matron-mother, or Bi­ ble woman (circle one)— $20 a month.

¡g ,1

ijgiplgp1 PROCLA IM ING CH R IST ’

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For over thirty years On more than fifty stations

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W rite for free copy of M E SSAG E TO ISRAEL with radio log

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Message To Israel, Inc. Box 31, Patchogue, New York 11772 Associated with Bible Christian Union. Inc.

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T h e S c r i p t u r e s o f t e n s e t forth truth in a double-barreled fashion, first negatively, then positively. “Be not drunk with wine wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit” ; “Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them” ; “Not I but Christ.” Thus it runs throughout the Word. Sometimes we find it in the reverse order: “Put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof.” Let us consider three instances of this nega­ tive-positive approach, three passages which form a three-fold cord of blessed truth. First, let us hear from Peter: “Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, from your vain conversation re­ ceived by tradition from your fathers: But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot” (I Peter 1:18, 19). WE ARE BOUGHT W ITH AN INF IN ITE PRICE The Bible is full of the Three R’s: Ruin, Re­ demption and Regeneration. The message of Cal­ vary is that when we were slaves of sin and sold under sin and under sentence of death, the Son of God gave His life a ransom for many. With His own precious blood He bought us in the mar­ ket, bought us out of the market and bought us to set us free. Salvation is free but not cheap. It costs us nothing for it is the gift of God, but it cost God His Son and it cost the Son His life.

the judge slipped out and paid the fine himself. It is a faint illustration of our redemption. We stood condemned before a broken law with nothing in our hands to pay but “Jesus paid it all.” There is therefore no charge against us on the books of heaven. Yet there are many who act as though we were redeemed by silver and gold, by our own righteousness, by joining a church, by being bap­ tized, by doing the best we can, by various ar­ rangements of our own. God help us to get the full force of the negative in this glorious double- barreled pronouncement! We are not redeemed and we never can be redeemed by anything we are or have or do. We cannot make one single down pay­ ment on our salvation. One thing and one thing only can we do: “Just as I am, without one plea, BUT THAT THY BLOOD WAS SHED FOR ME, And that Thou bidd’st me come to Thee, 0 Lamb of God, I come!” We are bought with an infinite price and well may we sing: But just here some believers take a mistaken attitude. Christ’s work is indeed a finished work and we are secure, but while the penalty of sin has been taken care of, we still face the power of sin in this present world. While we think of the Infinite Cost, let us not forget that when we are saved we enter upon an Invisible Conflict. We are not to sit under the blood with hands folded. We have a battle on our hands and we had better get our armor on. Let us read another “negative-posi­ tive,” this time from Paul: “For we wrestle not THE K IN G 'S BUSINESS **. Redeemed—How I love to proclaim Itt Redeemed— hy the Hood ot the I-amh — Redeemed— through His infinite m ercy — His child and forever I am ”

" I am redeemed hut not with stiver; I am bought hut not with gold— Bought with a price, the Hood of Jesus, Precious price ot i.ore untold

We have read of a man brought before a judge and ordered to pay a fine. He had nothing with which to pay but the story goes that the son of 10

But I hasten to a blessed “negative-positive” that provides help in our dilemma. “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, saith the Lord of hosts” (Zech. 4:6). Notice that He is Lord OF HOSTS: if there are hosts against us, there are hosts on our side. When the King of Syria sent an army to seize Elisha, the prophet observed another host. “Behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha.” No wonder he assured his servant, “Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them.” If we are beset by an Unseen Foe, we have also an Unseen Friend. Great is our Adversary but greater is our Ally. The battle is the Lord’s and He will not save us by bow, nor by sword, nor by battle, nor by horsemen, but by His Spirit. If we are beset by invisible powers, thank God If there are evil angels, there are also good angels. The Bible is full of them. They ministered to our Lord at His temptation and in Gethsemane. He could have summoned legions of them to His aid (Matt. 26:53). Sometime ago I saw a sign over an automobile service center which was operated by a man named Angel. It read simply “Angel Service.” I laughed and said to myself, “I’ve been enjoying angel service all these years for ‘Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to min­ ister to them who shall be heirs of salvation’?” Yes, we are blessed with an invincible pres­ ence. It is a spiritual conflict and we win not by might nor by power but by His Spirit. Our weap­ ons are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds (II Cor. 10:4). Before the battle of Jericho, Joshua met a man with a drawn sword in his hand. Joshua asked him, “Art thou for us, or for our adversaries?” and he said, “Nay, but as captain of the host of the Lord am I now come.” Joshua was under the blood and beset by foes both seen and unseen. How fitting that before his first major battle he should have a meeting with the Invincible Presence! Do not dare to fight your Jericho without the Man with the Drawn Sword. The conquest of the hosts that are against you depends upon the Captain of the hosts that are for you. My mother’s last message to me was, “Keep up the good fight for God is with you . . . and if God be for us, who can be against us?” In that assur­ ance, I would fight the good fight of faith, Bought With An Infinite Price, Beset By Invisible Powers but Blessed With An Invincible Presence. E WE ARE BLESSED W ITH A \ INVINCIBLE PRESENCE “If God be for us, who can be against us?” The Son has promised to be with us all the days, even unto the consummation of the age. The blessed Holy Spirit is now our Paraclete, called alongside to help.

against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Eph. 6:12). WE ARE BESET BY INV ISIBLE POWERS We are not up against mere flesh and blood. The devil is the prince of the power of the air. While there is but one devil, there are many de­ mons and he is assisted by legions of wicked spirits and evil angels. Never mind these wiseacres who talk of “outmoded ideas from ancient angelology and demonology.” Nor should we turn this matter over to the psychiatrists. Any Christian who gets down to business in spiritual warfare soon learns that he is up against an unseen world of dark and sinister powers. Our papers are filled with accounts of crime by men and women and, alas, young peo­ ple that can be explained only by demon-posses­ sion. Hospitals and insane asylums try to patch up the wreckage wrought by invisible powers of dark­ ness. Missionaries can write volumes on the subject from actual experience. Our Lord contended with that world all the days of His flesh and delivered men and women from it. Satan and his legions are out to disable the body, deceive the mind and discourage the spirit. Sometimes he overthrows like a roaring lion. Oth­ ers he leads astray as an angel of light. Still others, who successfully resist both lion and angel, are beset by the Accuser. Do you remember Christian’s plight in Bunyan’s immortal story? He was con­ founded and did not know his own voice. One of the wicked ones got behind him and whispered many grievous blasphemies to him, which he verily thought had proceeded from his own mind. After a while, he heard the voice of a man going before him, saying, “Though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil; for Thou art with me.” We read that he was then glad, “First, because he gathered that some who feared God were in this Valley as well as himself. Secondly, he per­ ceived that God was with them, though in that dark and dismal state. And why not, thought he, with me; though, by reason of the impediment that attends this place, I cannot perceive it.” Some of the greatest of God’s saints have known such times and trodden such paths. Some have lost every sense of God’s presence and gone out as though in the dark. Indeed some have been driven to depart this life under weird and awful circumstances which we cannot possibly explain. But it will help to remember that we are beset by invisible powers and we had better not underesti­ mate the nature and number of our adversaries. Truly our souls need to be on their guard for “ten thousand foes arise and the hosts of sin are press­ ing hard to draw us from the skies.”



mission center and school on a two-acre site at 4 Cassia Park Road in the outskirts of the capi­ tal city, Kingston. There are now two dormitory buildings, a chap­ el, a dining hall, cottages for the missionary coupl es, workshops, storage space, and a school build­ ing in desperate need of expan­ sion. The Center acts as a general welfare organization for all the deaf of Jamaica, and functions wholly on faith. No financial sup­ port is derived from any govern­ ment or foundation. Contribu­ tions and free-will offerings from i n t e r e s t ed individuals, groups, and churches are the Center’s only source of support. Barrels and boxes of used clothing re­ ceived from contributors in the United States are distributed to the needy. Some students are sup­ ported by monthly donations of $15. Illiterate deaf adults are given basic instruction in reading, writ­ ing, the sign language, and trade skills. Adults at t end Sunday school and worship s erv i ce s . Many have accepted Christ and followed Him in baptism. The Center is engaged primari­ ly in working with children. Pres­ ent facilities, personnel, and fi­ nances can accommodate only about 50, who range from kinder­ garten through the sixth grade. They are accepted, whether or not parents can contribute toward their expenses. In traversing the island, the missionaries and other Christian workers find neglected bits of humanity who have no concept of self-identification; no name; no means of communica­ tion. Staff members win their con­ fidence by showing Christian love, providing for their basic needs, and establishing communication with hand signs. The meaning of hands folded in prayer, or the right hand extended upward with fingers pointing upward and for­ ward is quickly grasped. Here, lip reading and writing must wait. These children must sense that the blessings provided at the mission are from the Heavenly

How shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? A m o n g t h e l a w s given to the Israelites around 3560 years i ago, as enumerated in Leviti­ cus 19, there was a precept : “Thou shalt not curse the deaf.” This seems to imply that the deaf have been rejected and harassed from the beginning of time.

b y M ild r ed V and en b u rgh

hear human speech, no matter how strongly it is amplified, ac­ cording to a report by the Deaf­ ness Research Foundation. The list of causes is long: RH blood incompatibility between mother and unborn infant, German mea­ sles during early months of preg­ nancy, brain injury during birth, inner ear or brain tumors, mea­ sles, mumps, meningitis, high fever, upper respiratory infec­ tions, head injuries, obstruction of the auditory canal, and pro­ longed or sudden exposure to loud noises. The high incidence in Jamaica is attributed to lack of education in health and hygiene, scarcity of doctors, poverty, heredity, inter­ marriage of close relatives, bac­ terial infection, and tropical and viral diseases. News of the situation in Jamai­ ca reached the international, in­ ter -denomina t i ona l Christian Deaf Fellowship, wh i ch was founded in 1946 by a group of evangelical ministers w i th the sole purpose of winning the deaf to Christ. CDF trains ministerial students in the sign language, aids churches in securing special­ ized ministry, sponsors camps for the deaf, and evangelizes in the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia. In 1957, CDF established a

This certainly has been the trend among the illiterate and superstitious people living on the island of Jamaica in the Carib­ bean. Not knowing how to com­ municate with children who were born deaf, many adults abandon them or treat them like brutes. A few years ago a census re­ vealed there were close to 7000 totally deaf persons on the island. Many had been deaf since birth or early childhood. They were re­ garded as unteachable, so illiter­ acy and unemployment were al­ most 100%. And no one had told them of Christ. “Why are so many young chil­ dren deaf?” you may ask. The wonder is that the majority of us hear normally! Our hearing mechanism contains three of the smallest and most delicate bones in the human body and almost 25,000 nerve hairs which relay sound vibrations to the hearing center of the brain. How won- drously are we made! In our own country, more than a quarter million people can’t



training in lip-reading, and saw that he finished high school. In desperation, Ray sought a purpose for his e x i s t e n c e by studying cults, magic, spiritual­ ism, hypnosis, and yogi. If there was truly a God who governed the universe, who loved him, where was He? Then a friend gave him a book which explained God’s wonderful plan of salvation. Confessing his sins and begging forgiveness, Ray Roush found peace for the first time since tragedy struck. With ardor, he resumed his childhood custom of attending church only to be overpowered by a sense of loneliness. For he couldn’t hear the sermons, the prayers, the inspiring music. If only God would send someone to interpret the services to him with hand signs! But no one came. I sai ah 29:18 kept go ing through his mind: “And in that day shall the deaf hear the words of the Book.” What day? How? Was God calling him? Could God use him as a messenger to hun­ dreds of deaf who had never heard the words? Yes! God was calling him! No wonder Rev. Ray Roush has a compulsive passion and em­ pathy for the lost deaf! His self- pity turned to gratitude that he had not been crippled by his boy­ hood illness and thus unable to heed the call. God had been merci­ ful to him. This was the purpose for his life. The students at the Jamaica Center are trained spirtually, so­ cially, mentally, and vocationally. The school day begins at 8 o’clock with Bible study and devotions, followed by regular school sub­ jects. Three hours of vocational training f o l l ow a nourishing lunch. There is prayer before each meal and at bedtime. Silent prayer God can hear! How shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? When they are taught to hear with their eyes by dedicated mis­ sionaries with a vision who have gladly responded: “Here am I. Send me!" B3

Father above. And they quickly respond. The contrast between their former existence and this Christ-centered environment pro­ duces a spiritual impact on them all. One of the first resident stu­ dents had never seen a white man, a bathtub, a car, or a knife and fork before his father en­ rolled him in the mission school. He was one of a family of six children, all born deaf. In a few years he was preaching in the chapel, teaching other students, and managing the craft shop. Now a graduate in his twenties, he is employed as a printer! He has traveled across the United States, p r omo t i ng the Center forcefully with manual speech. Another boy was found living in the mountains with a herd of goats. He had no name, no home, no recollection of fami l y . He quickly learned to communicate with the sign language; to read, write, and use carpenter tools. He is happy in the love of Christ. Upon graduation, he prayed for a job in prayer meeting. The very next day he was employed. Homeless girls, roaming streets and highways, have been trans­ formed into neat, cheerful, edu­ cated young ladies with a ready testimony of what Jesus has done for them. Most of the staff at the Jamai­ ca Center are deaf. Some dedi­ cated exceptions are Florence Jor­ dan, a “retired” teacher from Pacific Union College in Seattle, and Mr. and Mrs. Galen Lehman on two years of volunteer service. The Rev. Ray Roush, Director of the Center for the last six years, lost his hearing during a siege of spinal meningitis at the age of 13. He became bitter and defiant when his prayers that his hearing be restored were unheed­ ed. What was the use of living, isolated from a world of sound, music, laughter, and communica­ tion by a wall of silence? His devoted parents took him to specialists, tried every treat­ ment prescribed, sympathetically tolerated his self-pity, gave him


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