- January 2023

Another Chance to Get It Right WITH FOCUS AND SUPPORT! New Year’s resolutions and goals seem to be on everyone’s radar, but they cannot be achieved without action! Resolutions tend to get a bad rap because of how many people fail to get past January before they give up altogether. So, it may be time to take a new approach! Start with a specific goal. Millions of people resolve to lose weight, be more productive, or give up bad habits for the new year. But instead of choosing a general, ambiguous goal, focus on something more concrete you can realistically measure and achieve! What about that new promotion, career opportunity, or even an advanced degree? Getting specific on how the goal is essential to your career will get you past the inevitable obstacles and failures. It will be worth the time, energy, and heart you invest in a career enhancement. Commit to developing your networks. Your professional network influences your career potential. You don’t have to attend every event and mixer, but choosing a few opportunities to connect with others or meet new people can be a building block of your resolution. Get those events on your calendar for a greater chance of sticking with the plan! Create an accountability system. Consider choosing a trusted person — personally or professionally — to check in periodically to see how you are progressing on your goals. This way, they can offer encouragement, brainstorm ideas, and hold you accountable for sticking with it. Putting thoughts on paper is also a great way to hold yourself accountable! In a journal, you can write down everything you want to accomplish within a set time frame and continuously check off the things you finish! Strive for progress, not perfection. Striving for perfection can derail your progress in the long run, so it’s important to frame your goals in terms of knowledge, networks, and experiences you collect along the path to success. No one is perfect, and everyone has setbacks along their road to success. Still, if you set your sights on the goals and take it one step at a time, you are that much closer to achievement. With the right tools, focus, and support, you can stick with your New Year’s resolutions and make this year the best!

We Don’t Just Treat IRS Problems, We Cure Them How We Helped a Client Delete Her Debt A woman came into our office one day, obviously shaken up about something. She said she was referred to us because of her situation and desperately needed our help. We learned that woman had just received a notice of a federal tax lien in the mail due to back taxes. The woman was frightened and didn’t know what to do because these notices could negatively affect people’s credit scores. Not only that, the notice alerts all creditors that the IRS has an interest in a property the taxpayer controls. While this situation would seem alarming to anyone, this woman was troubled for two reasons. First, the tax debt she acquired was actually due to her ex-husband. He had passed his tax debt on to her, but she didn’t qualify for the innocent spouse rule with the IRS. So, even though she was innocent, she was responsible for the back taxes he owed. Second, this woman wanted to buy a house. She was in her 50s and had rented her entire life. Her rent was skyrocketing, and she wanted to figure out how to buy a home, but she was losing hope fast with the federal tax lien attached to her name. We knew we had to help her, and there were two ways to resolve a federal tax lien. The first is to pay the debt back in full. Our client couldn’t afford a rent increase, so paying back her ex-husband’s taxes wasn’t possible for her. The second way is an offer of compromise. An offer in compromise is what we call a cure, versus a treatment, for IRS problems. The IRS will agree to delete a debt if a client qualifies for it. We began compiling every possible document the IRS would need to settle her debt, and we sent it to them as an enormous book. We filled it with credible evidence that showed she was unaware of her ex-husband’s wrongdoing and couldn’t financially repay the debt.

The IRS approved the offer, no questions asked.

Today, our client is a homeowner with peace of mind for her future. Once her home is paid off, she can live comfortably in her retirement and leave a valuable asset for her grandchildren. We’d love to help anyone you may know struggling with an IRS issue, just like we did with this client. Give us a call at 214-214-3000 , so we can start problem-solving today.

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