Hospital establishes clinic focusing on stroke prevention and thrombosis

Lauzon’s hidden agenda to slash protection for the environment

rapid access to diagnostic services, health assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and risk factor management to those who have had a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) or a mild stroke. Referrals can be made through family physicians or through the Emergency de- partment. In order to ensure efficiency of the clinic visit it is possible that some test be completed prior to the initial visit. Once a signed referral is received, the nurse practitioner will triage the request and the patient will be contacted by the ad- ministrative assistant to be booked in to the clinic. The thrombosis clinic is operated by the same staff as the Stroke Prevention Clinic but focuses on patients who have been re- cently diagnosed with a blood clot in their leg or in their lung. Patients are being referred for follow-ups, anticoagulant dosing and OTN-Telehealth communication with The Ottawa Hospital through referrals initiated by the emer- gency department. Education is given re- garding the use of their anticoagulation therapy. You may contact the clinic at 613- 938-4240 ext. 3118 for any other questions. Bucket with sensitivity and enthusiasm. Aidan Vachon was delightful as Charlie's fa- ther, and Alicia Hartholt did an impressive vocal characterization of Grandpa Joe. Emily Screech, Jason Dann, Autumn Essex-MacIn- tyre and Garth Shepherd did an excellent job as the golden ticket winners. The production team was made up of Rachelle Eves, PamLalonde, Connie Aikman and Kelly Leclerc. Viscount teacher and artist Karen Wooding designed the sets. Proceeds from the production were used to buy two cordless microphones for the school community. Additional funds will be dedi- cated to future art projects at the school.

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With the support and leadership of the Champlain Regional Stroke Network, the Cornwall Community Hospital has re- cently established an outpatient second- ary stroke prevention and thrombosis clinic. Over the past few weeks, the team has been developing processes for referral to these clinics. Our nurse practitioner, Nancy McDonald has been busy training at the Ottawa Hos- pital. She is very excited to finally be on site and provide patient care out of our new office located on 3rd floor, at the McConnell site. The clinic utilizes a comprehensive, inter- disciplinary approach to stroke preven- tion/thrombosis needs. The initial team consists of a physician consultant, nurse practitioner and a clerk. “These two clinics are part of our admis- sion prevention program, which treats peo- ple on an outpatient basis, allowing acute care services to be used as such,” said Janice McCormmick, director of the program The Stroke Prevention Clinic will provide The Journal Young actors at Viscount Alexander Public School recently presented a vibrant produc- tion of Willy Wonka Junior. More than 45 students and many staff and parent volunteers worked together to make this show successful. The spirit of collabora- tion made the production special. Viscount Principal Darryl Beck said student Kennady Kilger’s beautiful voice was perfect for the role of Willy Wonka. Her dedication to her role was obvious and she will surely have many roles in future productions. Ethan Gilmour played the role of Charlie

“kitchen sink” bill. They want to eliminate federal environ- mental assessments for all but a few proj- ects and do less comprehensive reviews where they still occur.

To the editor:

MP Guy Lauzon recently voted in favour of a 400 page budget bill that amends over 70 different acts and devotes an as-

They want to eliminate pro- tection for fish habitat, de- spite the fact that you don’t have fish without a habitat! All of this comes on top of announcements of 900 posi- tions to be cut at Environ- ment Canada. Mr. Lauzon and the Conser- vatives didn’t campaign on gutting environmental regu- lations, yet they are trying to pass them under the radar.

tonishing 150 pages to weakening laws to protect our environment. The Conservatives claim that this “streamlining” of environmental legislation is so important that it has to be passed right away. So why didn’t we hear about it until now? Why didn’t they campaign on it in the last election? And why are the Conservatives

If you suspect that a woman may need help, do not hesitate to reach out to her or to a community agency, such as those named above or many others.

ramming all these changes through Parlia- ment and refusing to break up the mam- moth bill so that all its parts can be properly studied? The Conservatives are trying to avoid public scrutiny by cramming major envi- ronmental changes into a sweeping

Mr. Lauzon needs to come clean to his constituents about his hidden agenda of en- vironmental destruction.

Kirsty Duncan, MP Liberal Critic for the Environment

School production just the golden ticket

War of 1812 Arts n’ Artifact Show

numerous items on display as will SD&G Historical Society and the St. Lawrence Branch of the United Empire Loyalist Asso- ciation of Canada. Sine McKenna, the Stang Family will be providing some entertainment with Carson Elliott performing the ancient art of story- telling by relating local events from 1813. Be sure to join us for the official opening at noon where invited guests will help to re- enact the toasts at a Waterloo Dinner com- memorating the end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815 and the winners of the Corn- wall Township Historical Society War of 182 Art Contest will be announced. There will be an interactive display of games from the 1812 era, the Educational Trunk from the St. Lawrence War of 1812 Bicentennial Alliance will be there as will be student sized replica period British Army jackets from Upper Canada Village. Admission is by goodwill donation. Hope to see you there as we begin the commem- oration of the War of 1812 and celebrate the 200 years of peace that has existed between our two nations since this war ended.

To the editor:

To the editor: Finally there is some good news for the over 180,000 Ontarians living with Alzheimer’s disease. On April 26, 2012, MPP Donna Cansfield introduced a private member’s bill in the Ontario legislature. The bill proposes the creation of a council to advise the Minister of Health on the cre- ation of a comprehensive Alzheimer’s Strat- There will be exhibits from local persons including John Carruthers of Morrisburg with his display of 1812 era artifacts, Bert Cunningham from Doran Bay Resort will have some of his model ships there, Syl- vianne Duval will demonstrate the ancient art of lace making. Lost Villages Historical Society will have On June 18, 1812, President James Madison of the United States of America declared War on Great Britain. This action resulted in an American inva- sion of British Colonies in North America. Stormont Dundas and Glengarry was the scene of many skirmishes and battles in- cluding the Battle of Hoople’s Creek and the Battle of Crysler’s Farm. This Saturday, June 16, the Cornwall Township Historical Society, in conjunction with the Lost Villages Historical Society and the Chesterville & District Historical Society, will be hosting a War of 1812 Arts n’ Artifact Show at the Roman Catholic Church Hall in St. Andrew’s West. Running from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. there will be a number of interesting things to see and do.

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Bill to support families with dementia passes second reading

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egy for Ontario. The good news is that the bill garnered the support of politicians from all political parties -- receiving unanimous support in the Ontario legislature. Please contact your local MPP and encourage them to pass the bill into law as soon as possible.

Lynda Colley Alzheimer Society

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