Seniors Month

Caring about the long-term Over the past 25 years, Canada’s senior citizen population has more than doubled, due mostly to longer life expectancy. For example, women born in 1941 can expect to live four years longer than women who were born in 1921. But this greater life expectancy also means increased caregiving respon- sibilities, often in the form of long-term care. This greater need for long-term care often puts extra pressure on fami- lies, particularly women who are tradi- tionally the primary caregivers.

with long-term health problems or physi- cal limitations are often required to handle various other tasks according to the specific situation. For example, an elderly person will have very different needs from those of a disabled child or a terminally ill adult. For those who do not have family members to help out, there are com- munity long-term care programs that can provide health and support services workers who can visit patients in their homes. These programs can help dis- abled people live independently at home or provide care for those who must live in long-term care centres. There are also agencies across the country that can provide services ranging from personal care to in-home professional health ser- vices. These services greatly improve the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of Canadians each year.

Long-term caregiving involves two pri- mary areas, instrumental activities and personal care. Instrumental activi- ties generally include preparing meals, doing housework and yard work, and providing transportation, while personal care typically involves bathing, dressing and feeding. Those who care for people

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Caring about seniors includes pro- viding emotional support, lending a helping hand with daily tasks and visiting or phoning to make sure the person is safe and sound.

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