Parks and Recreation Annual Report 2022

The Parks and Recreation Department's end-of-year annual report is now available. This report provides a high-level overview of the department's significant accomplishments for the year.

ANNUAL REPORT 2022 DeSoto Parks and Recreation

Department Strategic Priorities

Neighborhood and Community Parks

Environmental Initiatives Equity and Inclusion

Focus resources and initiatives around neighborhood and community parks with a goal of providing the best local parks in Texas as those are the types of parks that are most meaningful to our community. Utilize operations and the budgeting process to ensure that the organization is recognized around the country as a model of operational effectiveness and efficiency. Operational Excellence

Initiate and enhance existing programs with the goal to be a leader in environmental stewardship of parks and open spaces.

Emphasize equity in all aspects of the park system and promote it by developing new outreach strategies.

Partnerships Professional Development

Initiate and expand existing programs that provide for the betterment of our employees and provide the skills required to become impactful leaders in all levels of the organization.

Grow the department’s reach and impact on the community without further encumbering. City resources by fully embracing and utilizing our existing partners while being aggressive in the development of new partnerships.

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Table of Contents

Our Mission

The department’s mission is to create leisure experiences by providing world class customer service and diverse opportunities for all generations.

Messages from Parks and Recreation Leadership ......... Parks and Recreation Leadership ....................................... About DeSoto Parks and Recreation .................................. Neighborhood and Community Parks ................................ Department Highlights .......................................................... Environmental Initiatives ...................................................... Equity and Inclusion ............................................................... Operational Excellence .......................................................... Professional Development ................................................... Partnerships ............................................................................ Contact Us ...............................................................................

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Our Vision

DeSoto Parks and Recreation is a vital component in the community that provides diverse services and opportunities. Our staff will be known for their commitment to professionalism and their ability to grow and change with the community. Professionalism: We will exemplify the highest standards of the profession. Engage: We will develop strong relationships. Inspire: We will encourage and promote healthy vibrant lifestyles. Integrity: We will be fair and honest.

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Message from DeSoto Parks and Recreation Board President

The past year gave us a return to a sense of normalcy. While there may have been uncertainty in other parts of our lives, parks, trails, recreation centers, and other amenities remained a constant – providing a respite and haven. The DeSoto Park and Recreation Department earned national reaccreditation in the field of parks and recreation through the Commission for Accreditation of Parks and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA) and National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA). Reaccreditation requires meeting 154 rigorous standards related to the management and administration of lands, facilities, resources, programs, safety and services; fewer than two percent of park departments nationwide receive this prestigious accreditation, so it further proves the commitment to our natural assets and to the citizens who use them. Many thanks to the DeSoto City Council for restoring funding for capital projects operations and maintenance in various locations. The Park Board unequivocally believes Park and Recreation centers should be gathering places in a connected world and will keep advocating for the components of the Parks & Recreation Master Plan.

Pierette Parker

4 | DeSoto Parks and Recreation Annual Report

Message from DeSoto Parks and Recreation Director

This annual report will include snapshots of accomplishments as well as strategic plans used to address issues that are unique to our community. DeSoto Parks & Recreation have evolved into an essential service within this community. Some of the most critical issues we face include: the enhancement of healthy living opportunities, addressing increased healthcare concerns, restoring equity in economic vitality, engaging in difficult social conscious conversations, advocating environmental preservation and implementation of processes to identify specific desires that are most relevant to this community. DeSoto Parks and Recreation continued to care for our communities, demonstrating that parks and recreation professionals and programs are adaptable despite limitations imposed by social and health crisis. As a forward-thinking organization, we established strategic priorities that served as our roadmap in enhancing parks, delivering inclusive and equitable recreational opportunities, and strengthening our alliances with various partnerships. We made great strides in affirming our pledge to provide programs, services, and economic inclusiveness by the implementation of equitable principals. No doubt the year’s events changed the course of the park and recreation industry and our lives. Yet, DeSoto Parks and Recreation remained steadfast as we continued providing families with quality parks and recreation programs.

Chris Glover

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Message from Keep DeSoto Beautiful Board President

Keep DeSoto Beautiful (KDB) Board was appointed in March 1999 by the DeSoto City Council. We are an Affiliate of Keep Texas Beautiful. The last few years has been a struggle due to COVID, we were limited in promoting public interest, finding ways to encourage beautification within our city, soliciting community involvement along with providing education to the significance of recycling and litter. However, we were able to create alternatives like providing residents and Home Owner Associations with tools to clean-up their neighborhoods. We assisted in placing trash bins on the major streets and donated trees. KDB supports a clean, well-kept neighborhood which enhances our community image. The collaborative vision is to build a cohesive community with a common goal of sustaining an attractive community. Everyone in the community can do their part to eliminate litter. Whether on the street, sidewalks, parks, schools and in your own yard. Everybody has a moral responsibility to pick up litter. Let’s get it done! Put garbage where it belongs in the trash!

Paulette Hunter

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DeSoto Parks and Recreation Board

Pierette Parker

James Culp

Gail Lofton

John McCalib

Shronda Whitfield

Althea Satterfield-White

Danielle Odis

Keep Desoto Beautiful Board

Mary Davis Place 1

Rhetta Washington-McCoy Place 2

Felicia Turrentine Place 3

Latoya Moore Place 4

Debbie Hicks Place 5

Paulette Hunter Place 7

DeSoto Parks and Recreation Leadership

Chris Glover Director

Chase Ellis Assistant Director

Nathan Busby Parks Superintendent

Sydney Elliott Youth & Business Coordinator

Dianca McGhee Senior Center Manager

Deneen Anderson Special Events Manager

Stephanie Young Administrative Assistant

Kevin Moore Manager of Sports & Recreation

Kelvin Russell Operations Coordinator

Chris Aguilera Operations Coordinator

Adante Austin Operations Coordinator

Steve Moore Athletics & Aquatics Manager

Shannon Myart Senior Center Supervisor

Gwen Wright Recreation Specialist

Rod Turner Marketing Specialist

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About DeSoto Parks and Recreation

Acres of Parkland 494 6 $5.8M $7.5M $18.6M 3.2 12 13 12.55 21 53 5 10 3 39 6 24 Parks Banquet Facilties Operating Budget Capital Budget Economic Impact Basketball Courts Sporting Events Hosted Trail Miles Playgrounds Ponds Pavilions Miles of Soft Surface Trails Athletic Fields Full-Time Employees Part-Time and Seasonal Employees Community Centers and Venues 8 | DeSoto Parks and Recreation Annual Report

Neighborhood and Community Parks The following maps illustrates the service areas for Neighborhood and Community parks found within the DeSoto Parks System. Service areas are consistent with the guidelines established by the National Recreation and Park Association. The Special-Use Parks and Facilities don’t have defined service areas as they are considered to offer amenities and services that appeal to the entire resident population of the City. The Open Spaces also don’t have defined services areas. In some cases, the actual service area of any park may be larger if the park includes amenities of regional appeal. Smaller service areas are also possible where major roadways act as barriers to park access. The service areas identified are as follows: Neighborhood Park - 1/4 Mile (5 Minute Walk) Community Park - Up to 3 Miles

DeSoto Parks and Recreation Annual Report 2022 | 9

Department Highlights Excellence in Programming Social Consciousness with Dr. Umar Johnson Fourth of July Fireworks Celebration - 21K in Attendance

TED Talk Programming Teen Domestic Violence Community Garden Project

Construction Projects Moseley Pool Renovation Briarwood Park Renovation Mirkes Park Trail Ernie Roberts All Abilities Playground

Operational Accomplishments

CAPRA Re-Accreditation Economic Empowerment Economic Impact - $18.6 Million Tree City USA Designation Active Shooter Training

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Environmental Initiatives Briarwood Pond

Briarwood Park is a neighborhood park constructed by the developer of the surrounding subdivision. Primarily a passive park, Briarwood was developed along a creek with a landscaped pond cut into a rocky hillside and is home to a flock of friendly ducks. An attractive pavilion overlooks the duck pond with an ADA accessible sidewalk and fishing landing. A winding concrete trail connects two recently renovated playgrounds on the south end of the park to the pond. DeSoto Ranch Nature Trail DeSoto Ranch Park is a heavily wooded park site in a largely undeveloped area of DeSoto. The park site is located along a major tributary of the Ten Mile Creek. The character of the site with the heavy tree cover, the creek, and two lakes lend this site to more natural passive park development. A soft surface trail with several respite areas among the trees was constructed in 2019. Paul Dryer Nature Preserve Paul Dryer Nature Preserve is a special-use park that consists of a heavily wooded nature preserve with minimal development. The park is served by two parking areas that function as trailheads for the 3.2 miles of soft-surface nature trails that lace through the preserve. Originally developed by Dallas County, the Paul Dryer Nature Preserve is managed by the City of DeSoto. Ten Mile Creek Greenbelt Ten Mile Creek Greenbelt is the open green space surrounding Ten Mile Creek that serves various functions for the surrounding area, including storm water management, wildlife habitation, green space, trails, and parks. This area has an abundance of mature trees and vegetation that provide shade along with visually appealing focal points and locations.

DeSoto Parks and Recreation Annual Report 2022 | 11

Equity and Inclusion Equity is the act of ensuring that processes and programs are impartial, fair and provide equal possible outcomes for every individual. Inclusion is the practice of making people feel a sense of belonging at work. Diversity is the presence of differences within a given setting. The City of DeSoto desires to expand employment opportunities to be a catalyst for economic prosperity by expanding opportunities for emerging businesses, improving workforce development through economic inclusion opportunities, and providing opportunities for youth engagement. The Parks & Recreation Department spent over $1.5 million in partnership with 40 minority and women-owned businesses*. Three, comprising of $1,161,630, were certified by the North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (NCTRCA) as Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises. The remaining 37, totaling $463,840 were non-certified businesses. These expenditures accounted for approximately 30% of the total Parks and Recreation vendor expenditures. City Council also approved funding for the construction of an Indoor Aquatics & Recreation Center which is scheduled for completion in Fiscal Year 2025. This estimated $50 Million project will be the most expensive project to date for the City of DeSoto. Staff negotiated a minimum of 30% participation with NCTRCA Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises for the construction of the Indoor Aquatics & Recreation Center. * Based on information available to the Parks and Recreation Department Procurement Category FY22 Contract or Total Amount City Mandated M/WBE Goal M/WBE Subcontracting % DeSoto Parks Status

DeSoto Parks M/WBE Overall $

M/WBE Overall Participation %


$12,674.58 $29,734.03 $59,676.90 $15,491.00

20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20%

N/A N/A N/A N/A 34% N/A N/A N/A N/A 34%



Did Not Meet Exceeds Goal Exceeds Goal Exceeds Goal


46.7% 100% 100% 34.4% 80.7% 29.2% 100% 100%

$13,900.09 $59,676.90 $15,491.00



Contractor Services $3,593,414.74

$1,237,653.89 Exceeds Goal


$40,730.25 $586,328.00 $90,820.00 $3,250.00 $4,432,119.50


Exceeds Goal

Mowing Services Musical Sevices

$170,950.00 Exceeds Goal

$90,820.00 $3,250.00

Exceeds Goal Exceeds Goal


FY22 Total


$1,625,469.73 Exceeds Goal

12 | DeSoto Parks and Recreation Annual Report

Operational Excellence DeSoto is among 20 municipal park and recreation departments in Texas to earn national accreditation. DeSoto Park and Recreation Department earned national accreditation in the field of parks and recreation through the Commission for Accreditation of Parks and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA) and National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA). The department first earned the distinction in 2016. The department earned re-accreditation in 2022. Accreditation signifies that the Department utilizes national best practices in all facets of the organization from recreation programs to park maintenance standards to business operations. CAPRA accreditation is the only national accreditation for park and recreation agencies and is a measure of an agency’s overall quality of operation, management and service to the community. As part of the accreditation process, DeSoto demonstrated compliance with 154 recognized standards. Less than two percent of park and recreation agencies in the country have attained accreditation.

Exemplary Customer Service Recipients for Fiscal Year 2022 • Cinque McKinnon • Charlotte Steward • Jimmy Jackson • Mikala Greenly

DeSoto Parks and Recreation Annual Report 2022 | 13

Professional Development The number of certified park and recreation professionals continued to increase as more employees decided to seek national credentials in their fields of expertise. The following departmental certifications were obtained in FY22:

Conference offers learning options: Through the National Recreation and Park Association’s and Texas Recreation and Parks Society annual training conferences, NRPA-certified staff attended educational sessions to earn required Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) in Phoenix, Arizona and Frisco, Texas respectively. • Tourism Certification for Parks & Recreation Agencies: Indiana University Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands • Completion of National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA) Directors School • Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO): National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA) • Marketing and Communication Certificate – National Recreation and Parks Association • Playground Safety Inspector Certification • Four Texas Pesticide Applicators License

14 | DeSoto Parks and Recreation Annual Report

Partnerships Long-term partnerships with national and area nonprofits, civic groups, corporations, businesses, and youth-serving organizations are vibrant connections that result in diversified leisure programs and facilities, giving families more leisure options. These public-private collaborations have expanded DeSoto’s park system with new recreation initiatives, parks, trails and green spaces. The DeSoto Senior Center collaborated with DeSoto ISD to give residents fresh fruits and veggies from the community garden. The community garden supplied food at the DeSoto Senior Center. DeSoto City Council DeSoto Parks & Recreation Board DeSoto Police Department DeSoto Finance Department DeSoto Human Resource Department DeSoto Communications Team DeSoto Industrial Technology Department DeSoto Library Department Dallas Area Agency on Aging Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce DeSoto ISD DeSoto Baseball Organization DeSoto Teen Council La terra Studio Texas Tournament Baseball DeSoto BMX Dallas County Dallas Mavericks DeSoto Havoc Football Organization Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. DeSoto Neighborhood Associations DC3 Church Miles Foundation DeSoto Lions Club DeSoto Rotary Club IN-N-OUT Burger Corey Bonner – Findaway Foundation Von Miller K104 FM Radio Veterans Committee DeSoto Arts Commission City of Lancaster City of Duncanville City of Cedar Hill WFAA Channel 8 DeSoto Chamber of Commerce DeSoto Hotel Association University of North Texas at Dallas University of Texas in Arlington DeSoto Soccer Association DeSoto Girls Softball Association Bank of DeSoto Kipp Texas Public Schools TCBII Power Home Remodeling The M.I.N.T. Foundation

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