Style Arcade Overview

Making merchandising your competitive advantage

Big names , growing brands & ambitious start - ups trust our tech

For fashion and apparel brands who want to grow faster, Style Arcade is a retail analytics platform that turns merchandising into a competitive advantage.​ Instead of relying on inaccessible systems; manual processes; and unreliable projections – Style Arcade unlocks merchandise data and proactively guides retailers on how to realize their untapped revenue potential.

Your true end to end solution

In-Season Trade

Digital range planning

One source of truth

Less time reporting. More time trading. Trade actions on a silver platter.

Balance the fashion and the financials for your best range yet.

All your systems, all your teams seamlessly connected.

Retail , but better . We make the hard stuff easy.

No more missed sales from out of stocks

Smart & fast trade actions

Insights to boost your AOV

100% accurate size curves

Recommended buy quantities

Save a day a week through automation

Place buys in a quick minute

Predictive AI and visual analysis

Understand your customer by region, channel or store

High growth brands …

Know what their customers want, and they stock it

They never leave revenue on the table

And they do it fast

Style Arcade helps you do all 3

​That’s why multi-channel brands grow 4x faster with Style Arcade

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See how we ' ve helped brands grow

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Sales Acceleration


By using Style Arcade, Muscle Republic gained clarity on their business, made better decisions and saw triple-digit sales growth . ​ They saw +141% growth in a key core category and uncovered additional growth through newness in their range.

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USING DIGITAL RANGE PLANNING International expansion

White Fox saw significant growth and profitability in international markets.​

In one year, they improved international profitability by +146% and increased AOV by +9% .

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Using Style Arcade, Meshki uncovered demand within their customer base to increase their size runs. ​ They expanded their market share and boosted profits by +12% on this one change alone.

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eCommerce brands grow 74% faster with Style Arcade

" Fast - moving tech changing the game for fashion ."

About Style Arcade

Style Arcade is software for fashion retailers of all sizes, created by a team of buyers, planners & merchandisers with over 70 years experience. Our mission is to help growing brands become global brands by making merchandise expertise accessible through smart & easy- to-use fashion technology.​

Our team of experts have lived it

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