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aug 2008

a h u m a n r e s o u r c e n e w s l e t t e r

highlights of this issue - Industry Champion focus on Samir Inamdar.

- Neha Arora looks at the birth of Atyaasaa’s newsletter. - Shamira Pujani talks about psychology of money. - Niket Karajagi insights towards building global organizations.

the editor’s column

industry champion Samir is a Mechanical Engineer fromMumbai University and is an alumnus of IIM, Kolkata. Samir joined General Electric in Dec 2002 and led various businesses,the lastassignmentbeingasthePresidentandCEO,IndiaRegion,for GEConsumer& Industrial.Samir isnowraisingaPrivateEquityFundfocusedon SMEs in IndianManufacturing sector specifically in Engineering and Biotech. Samir Inamdar

We are a few months into the year already, as summer wraps up and we brace ourselves for a newseasonof autumnand thewinter to come,it is just as much a season of exploration and novelty within the organization. We introduce the first edition of our newsletter -

“Atyaasaa - Knowledge Beans” - Awakening Human Excellence......

“I begin with congratulating Atyaasaa on launching the newsletter “Atyaasaa- Knowledge Beans”. I have watched the growth of Atyaasaa for almost a decade now. Even back then, I remember that Niket had a clear vision for Atyaasaa. He has worked relentlessly to achieve it.Congratulations to him and his team.I also want to thank him for givingme the honour to write amessage in the first edition of this newsletter. During my 28 years of career, I have worked with many great teams and with many great leaders.I have learntmy lessons and learntmany of themthe hardway.They have stood me in good stead and I believe these are keys to evolution as leaders.What can be better than sharing these lessons with you through this newsletter of Atyaasaa, an organization which helps develop leaders! 1. Respect every individual 2. Share the credit but accept the blame 3. Be a Learner to yourself but a Teacher to others 4. Short Term is important but never lose focus on the LongTerm 5. Keep the Big Picture in view always – consider impact of your actions on Business and Beyond 6. The Devil is in the Detail – don’t be afraid to dig! 7. Push Decision-Making down the organization – not Decisions 8. Balance is the key – in personal as well as professional life – allow for warmth and camaraderie 9. Build a set of Values for yourself – to provide a safe harbour to your ship in turbulent waters 10. Believe inMiracles but don’t depend on them– Challenge your Limits, don’t Limit your Challenges!

This newsletter will widen your horizon of knowledge with rich and new content every month.It will help us in educating our associates. The next edition will highlight other aspects of what it takes to create a World Class Company in continuation to the present article and the significance of competencies in the present scenario. Also, look forward to learn more from another industry champion. A “big thank you” goes out to everyone who helped put this newsletter together and made newsworthy contributions. Our endeavor is to make reading this newsletter a memorable experience.

Neha Arora Editor Atyaasaa- Knowledge Beans editor@atyaasaa.com

Neha Arora is a young, pro-active, and energetic individual, with a passion for Human Resource Management & Training. She comes with a clear focusonmanagingHRinterventionsasacareer.She has worked onmultiple key projects in training and consulting areas over a period of time inAtyaasaa.

I wish all the best to Atyaasaa and their new initiative – this newsletter.”

space for everyone

Money, money every where...everybody seems to be talking just one language.Be it any field...entertainment,education,sports,the corporate world, politics, law, marriage or psychology for that matter! It is believed that talking aboutmoney is not only good for your bank account but also for your mental wellbeing! Whether we accept or not it’s something that plays at the back of our mind 24/7.Just about every decision revolves aroundmoney. What is money for an individual that makes it so important? Money is tied up with our emotions. It’s a source of security and safety. The ability to earn money provides us with a sense of continued next page >>

vitamin‘m’ - money

Shamira Pujani

Shamira Pujani has done her masters in psychological counseling from Bangalore University and has been working as a trainer since then. She has conducted various workshops for a wide range of age groups including life skill training. Besides training her personal interest lies in creating awareness on issues revolving around childrenandwomen.

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