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RGB color space That's how colors are actually coded.

RGB color space uses amounts of primary Red, Green and Blue to code each color

Each color is described by three numbers (each from 0 to 255*) for example " R 92 G 200 B 255" describes this color:

* 0-255 range is used in regular, 8-bit-per-channel coding. In 16-bit coding each color channel may be described with values from 0 to 65.535 More on page 115

B (blue)

You can define any RGB color using the RGB sliders in the color panel. See page 129.


R (red)

G (green)



RGB color may also be defined in hexadecimal color coding format see page 132 for details.


Using 24-bit RGB coding it is possible to define 16,777,216 distinct colors. (Practically computer devices usually cannot display all the possible colors, See page 111 to learn more about color gamuts .) Even if RGB color coding is used internally by all graphics applications

it is unintuitive for humans and inconvenient for use For this reason, alternative color coding systems are used in color pickers. See page 107 and following for details.

Infinite Painter’s Manual

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