Infinite Painter 7 iOS Reference Manual


Using gamma correction Easy to find.

You can turn on Gamma correction from the Layer panel or from Settings.

Layer panel

Options menu

(See page 142)

Visibility panel See page 142

Settings panel See page 439

(See page 401)

Gamma correction switch

Gamma correction switch

Gamma correction is applied to soft-edged brush strokes, to mixing layers, to non-opaque gradients and filters. In cases, it may produce artifacts, like color banding. You can turn off this option at any time to assess results.

Note that this correction may affect appearance of projects created without it.

Using Gamma correction along with color proofing may give unpredictable results. Learn more about color proofing on page 112.

You may want to turn off Gamma correction to achieve color mixing consistent with other painting applications that don't have this functionality.

Infinite Painter’s Manual

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