Infinite Painter 7 iOS Reference Manual


Color panel controls Two main views.

Color panel in color wheel view

Color panel in numerical input view

Switch back to color wheel view

Previous color indicators

Current color indicator

Color model selector HSB, RGB, LAB, CMYK

Switch to numerical input view

Color sliders (here shown for HSB model) see page 127 Hexadecimal input field See page 132

HSB color wheel See page 119

Add current color to current swatch palette

Eyedropper sample size controls. See page 135

Drag the wheel with two fingers out of the panel to place it on your screen as a permanent floating widget. More on page 125.

The swatch palette the same as in color wheel view

Swatch palette options

Learn more about using swatch palettes on page 121.

Note that all the controls in the color panel are interlinked: • color wheel • HSB, RGB, LAB, CMYK sliders • swatch palette • the Eyedropper color picker Change in either part changes the same main current color. You may for example pick a color swatch from the palette and then adjust it with color wheel controls or sliders.

If the color panel displays the warning sign , it means that the on-screen color proofing is used and the colors may be displayed altered. Learn more about color proofing on page 112

Infinite Painter’s Manual

ref: manual_studio_color_panel_controls

Studio • Color • Page 118

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