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Alternative color wheels Pick your favourite picker.

You can change the default color wheel Six different styles to choose from

Color wheel selector in Settings

Square HSB picker The Saturation-Brightnes area is enlarged, Hue selector is a linear strip. Good for precise tonal adjustments.

Round HSB wheel The Saturation-Brightnes area is mapped onto a circle. Procreate's style.

Default, standard HSB wheel The Saturation-Brightnes area is a regular XY graph. See page 119

See page 439

This feature is not yet implemented in the iOS version of Infinite Painter

There are currently six different models of the color wheel in Infinite Painter. All of them are based on the HSB color model, but have different advantages*. Note that the model you pick will be used in all places in the app: in color panels and as the floating widget. * (Pro tip) For example, the standard, 'square-in-circle' color wheel has disproportionally large area occupied by very dark colors; the 'diamond' and 'triangle' versions reduce this flaw. Likewise, the 'square' model offers enlareged S-B area for easier adjustments.

Diamond HSB wheel The Saturation-Brightnes area is rotated 45°, so it is easier to pick pure white and pure black. More room for mid-range shades.

Triangle HSB wheel The Saturation-Brightnes area is mapped onto a triangle.

Combo HSB picker The Saturation-Brightnes selector is split into two separate arcs. Large current color swatch in the center.

Learn more about HSB color model on page 108

Full saturation is in the right-hand corner, pure white on top and black at the bottom.

Infinite Painter’s Manual

ref: manual_studio_color_wheels

Studio • Color • Page 120

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