Infinite Painter 7 iOS Reference Manual


Smart Palette Grab colors from any image

Smart Palette creates a set of color samples based on the current canvas view*

Swatch palette library see page 122

Sampled image

Resulting Smart Palette

Smart palette is always available from the palette library, but each time you select it, it is different

To refresh the palette select it again from the selector list

Sampled image

Resulting Smart Palette

Smart Palette may have up to 24 swatches. The swatches are organized by the area filled with certain color (Most common colors at the beginning, background color last).

You can 'freeze' a Smart Palette by saving it under a new name. See page 121 for details.

When you create a new project based on a photo the Smart palette is set as current palette in the Color panel.

* Pro tip: you can create a Smart palette from any image without actually importing the image. In the palette library screen, press the "+" button, select Photos as the source, and pick you desired image. The Smart palette will be created from this image and loaded to your library. More on page 122.

Infinite Painter’s Manual

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Studio • Color • Page 124

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