Infinite Painter 7 iOS Reference Manual


Color models sliders Sometimes more useful than the color wheel.

You can adjust color with sliders in four color models

Color panel in numerical input view

Switch back to color wheel view

Color model selector

HSB model

RGB model

LAB model

CMYK model

Learn more on page 128

Learn more on page 129

Learn more on page 130

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More about the color panel on page 118

Drag the handle to adjust parameter

Slider line color dynamically shows possible colors for that slider

Remember that all the color models in fact define RGB colors. They are there only to make the color selection easier.

For example to get a yellow color, move the G slider to the right.

To set a precise value tap on left or right end of the slider

Numerical value of the parameter

Parameter symbol (here G = RGB Green)

Note that all input methods in color panels are synchronized All affect the same main color sample

Infinite Painter’s Manual

ref: manual_studio_color_panel_sliders

Studio • Color • Page 127

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