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Hexadecimal color coding Not only for the Web.

Hexadecimal color encoding is widely used in web design but also is a convenient method of copying colors between applications.

Color panel (in RGB input view)

Hex color description is just RGB color but in hexadecimal format

You can copy the hex number of the current color from the numerical field, or type in your own values.

FF0000 #

Of course you can also paste a number copied from a third party application.

Red FF = 255

Green 00 = 0

Blue 00 = 0

Pro tip: in web design you may encounter shorthand hexadecimal color format which uses only three digits. Just double each digit to use in Infinite Painter: #F00 = #FF0000

#FF0000 = R 255, G 0, B 0

More about the color panel on page 118

Each channel is described with a two-digit hex number, from 00 (zero) to FF (255)

You can use the Hex input field in any tab of the color panel.

Tip: You can paste the hex code to the input field with the leading hash sign too. The program will understand.

Infinite Painter’s Manual

ref: manual_studio_color_panel_hex

Studio • Color • Page 132

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