Infinite Painter 7 iOS Reference Manual


Paper layer More than just a background

Paper "layer" texture interacts with brush strokes on each layer for more realistic look

Paper visibility toggle

Paper color opens a standard color picker panel (more on page 118) The color selector offers here a special swatch palette with "paper" hues.

Paper texture switch switch on if you want a texture

Texture depth controls how much the texture affects brush strokes. Note that too high Depth value may render certain brush strokes invisible.

Texture selector tap to select another texture

Import a texture Learn more about importing on page 420

Texture opacity controls visual appearance of the texture

Texture scale controls the size of the texture relative to canvas

When you hide the Paper layer you see a checkered background. This indicates transparency. With Paper layer hidden you can create and export images with transparent background. Learn more on page 162 With a texture applied, hiding Paper layer does not hide the texture.

Scroll and tap the chosen texture

Note that the Paper texture is independent from textures that may be built into certain brushes. Both textures may interact with each other.

As Adobe Photoshop® does not feature a concept similar to the Paper layer, export to PSD file format in cases may not preserve exact look of your Infinite Painter project.

Infinite Painter’s Manual

ref: manual_studio_layers_paper

Studio • Layers • Page 147

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