Infinite Painter 7 iOS Reference Manual


The Studio The place where you create.

The Studio is the main working environment in Infinite Painter learn about it in the "Studio" section (starting from page 2)

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Find a huge collection of powerful tools and functions hidden in the menus. More in chapter "Tools menus", page 35 and in "Options menu", page 5

The tools available in the Studio are described in detail in the "Main Workspace" chapter; see page 30.

In the Studio you always see your canvas : the working area on which you paint, draw and edit your artwork. Learn more about defining the size and shape of the canvas on page 406.

Learn about how to navigate around your canvas with gestures on page 52.

Experiment freely. Your project is being saved automatically each time you leave the Studio so you are not going to lose your work in case you forget to save it. However don't be afraid that the automatic saving is going to overwrite your previous versions: Infinite Painter remembers all your creative process. Learn more about the project version history feature on page 24

Infinite Painter’s Manual

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General Concepts • Page 15

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