Infinite Painter 7 iOS Reference Manual


Adjustment layers — options Control the controls

Adjustment layers have most of the options of regular layers

Tap on layer's name to open

Blending mode selector (see page 175)

Adjustment layer options pop-up

Layer blending mode controls how the current adjustment layer interacts with colors on layers below

Adjustment type (You cannot edit the name)

Hide Toggles visibility of current layer

Layer opacity

Duplicate Creates an exact duplicate above the current layer

Clip Uses the layer immediately below as a mask for current adjustment layer More about clipping masks on page 170

Merge Applies the adjustment layer to the layer below. This may change the look of other layers. Note that merging two adjustment layers doesn't make sense and produces empty regular layer.

Select layer transparency (inactive for adjustment layers)

Delete Removes the adjustment layer This does not affect regular layers.

Add mask to the layer Learn more about using layer masks on page 164

More options

Note that combination of the chosen color adjustment or filter with certain color blending mode may yield unexpected results. Still all is nondestructive, experiment freely.

Hide when recording Ignores current adjustment in timelapse video recording. This may give unexpected results; test before using for serious jobs. Learn more on page 430

Learn about using blending modes on page 173

Infinite Painter’s Manual

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Studio • Layers • Page 151

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