Infinite Painter 7 iOS Reference Manual


Using layers groups Like in Photoshop.

Layer group closed (collapsed view)

Group options pop-up

Tap the group name to access group options

Tap to rename the group

Tap group icon to open/collapse

Tap to toggle group visibility

Long-press and drag the collapsed group to move it up or down in layer stack

Delete the group ( delete all layers within the group with their content)

Ungroup (the layers remain intact)

Layer group open (expanded view)

More on page 158

Tap to toggle visibility of each layer within group

In open view drag layers in and out of the group.

The red group icon indicates only that the active layer is within the group You still work on single active layer.

Infinite Painter’s Manual

ref: manual_studio_layers_grouping_using

Studio • Layers • Page 156

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