Infinite Painter 7 iOS Reference Manual


Layer group options Similar to layer options

Tap on group's name to open the group options pop-up

Blending mode selector (see page 175)

Group blending mode controls how the colors in the current group interact with colors on layers below Group opacity Independent from opacity of each layer in the group Flatten Merges all layers of the group into a single layer Merge Merges content of current group with the layer below Delete Removes the entire layer group and all of its content

Rename group Tap to edit the name

Hide Toggles visibility of the layer group

Duplicate Creates an exact duplicate layer group above the current group Copy Merged Creates a composite of the group content on a new layer; leaves the original group intact. More about Copy Merged function: page 319 Clip Uses the layer immediately below the group as a mask for the group More about clipping masks on page 170 Select Makes a selection based on the combined opacity of all layers within the group. More on page 311 Ungroup Well, ungroups the layers. All returns to original state.

Add mask to the group Learn about using layer masks on page 164

There are 28 blending modes to choose from. Group blending mode doesn't change the blending mode of each layer within the group.

More options

Hide when recording Ignores current layer group in timelapse video recording Learn more on page 430

Learn about using blending modes on page 176

"Passthrough" is not a separate blending mode. It controls how the color blending of the layers in group is applied to layers below the group; it also makes the group "transparent" for the adjustment layers . For all other purposes it equals "Normal". Learn more on page 159.

Infinite Painter’s Manual

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