Infinite Painter 7 iOS Reference Manual


Passthrough vs. Normal group blending The difference is mainly how the adjustment layers work.

"Passthrough" is actually not a separate blending mode. It controls application of color blending and adjustment layers

Blending mode of the group

In Passthrough mode color blending is applied ignoring the group; all adjustment layers within the group apply to all layers below

In all other modes color blending is first applied within the group;

all adjustment layers within the group apply only to the layers of the group

The effect "passes through" the group.

The effect is confined to the group only.

Adobe Photoshop ® users: The Passthrough mode in Infinite Painter works exactly like the Pass Through mode in Photoshop.

Pro tip: You can easily apply an adjustment or a filter to a single layer using this method. Group the adjustment layer with the layer you want and set the group to Normal blending. (However you can achieve the same result with layer clipping; see page 172)

Infinite Painter’s Manual

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Studio • Layers • Page 159

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