Infinite Painter 7 iOS Reference Manual v. 10.090821


Layer clipping Mask a layer with another layer.

Layer clipping is masking a layer with transparency of the layer below

Layer options (more on page 143)

Clip current layer with the layer below

The masking layer is visible where the content layer is transparent

Content layer Note the clipping indicator

Masking layer (Do not confuse it with "Layer mask").

Layer clipping is reversible Just tap the

The content layer is masked-out where the masking layer is transparent

icon again to un-clip.

Note that in clipping, the "masking" layer is below the "content" layer. In "regular" layer masking the mask is displayed above its layer. Learn about layer masks on page 162

You can clip multiple layers with the same mask layer, and even clip layer groups. More on page 169 You can mix layer clipping with layer masks if you wish so.

Infinite Painter’s Manual

ref: manual_studio_layers_clipping_overview

Studio • Layers • Page 168

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