Infinite Painter 7 iOS Reference Manual


"Masking" blending modes Unique to Infinite Painter.

Erase, Mask and Line Art blending modes turn the layer into a smart mask for all layers below

Erase mode

Mask mode

Line Art mode

Darkest areas are visible

The result

Grayscale component masks the layers below Dark area mask out content, white and transparent areas preserve content visibility

Grayscale component mask out the layers below, but the darkest parts of the layer remain visible This mode works like the Mask mode but the blacks (like line art) from the layer remain visible

Opaque pixels "cut" through layers below Opaque areas mask out content, transparent pixels reveal content

Use these modes to quickly add a mask for a number of layers or for the entire project.

Use Line Art mode to compose lineart on multiple layers

Use black for lines and white for masking.

Note that the effect will be exactly the same as grouping the layers and adding a mask to this group. Only faster.

Applying the Erase blending to a brush in Paint mode turns it into an erase See p. page 93 on how to change blending mode in brushes.

Infinite Painter’s Manual

ref: manual_studio_layers_blending_modes_masking

Studio • Layers • Page 177

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