Infinite Painter 7 iOS Reference Manual


Project workflow Learn the difference between saving and exporting.

New project creation

Project open in Studio paint and edit


Project saved in internal storage. You can re-open it at any time and work on.


New blank canvas

Project-123 May, 04 2020 4:18 PM

Learn more on page 416



Project may be exported to various standard formats

An imported image



Learn more about importing images on page 419


Exported images can be shared to any appropriate third party application or printed . Learn more about exporting on page 432.

Infinite Painter saves all the editing history of your project in the local storage, so you can restore any previous version. Learn more about the version history on page 24. If you want to transfer your project to another device for further editing in Infinite Painter, you have to export the project in PNTR format and transfer this file to the other device.

You may share your artwork directly to the Painter User Community too.


You can record your creative process and export it to a timelapse video file.

If you plan to edit your projects in another application, export it in PSD (Photoshop®) file format.

PNG and JPG formats do not preserve layers. Learn more about export formats on page 434.

Learn more on page 425

Infinite Painter’s Manual

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