Infinite Painter 7 iOS Reference Manual


Blend mode Mix colors on your canvas.

In Blend mode the brush blends or smears existing colors on active layer* The effect highly depends on the brush used

You can use (almost) any brush from your collection in Blend mode. Certain special effect brushes may yield unexpected results when used for blending. Note that special effects in brushes are ignored in this mode. Learn more about adding filters and adjustments to brushes on page 99

Main toolbar (see page 33)

The Blend mode indicator tap again to select another brush (more on selecting brushes on page 69)

Note that the color indicator turns into a cogwheel icon.

Blend mode settings

Blur Blurs the pixels and creates softer blending. At 0, this transfers the individual pixels (like a paintbrush would).

Note that Blur, Pull and Flow parameters in the Blend mode settings panel are the same as can be found in the Paint tab of the Brush Editor (see page 98) These settings apply to current brush only and are saved to the brush definition.

Pull Defines the rate at which the underlying color transfers to the brush head. Smaller values create a shorter smudge while higher values hold the smudge longer. Flow Multiplies with the Flow in the head setting specifically when blending. This can create softer blends. Do not confuse it with the main Flow parameter. Sample lower layers *If turned on, the brush "catches" the colors not only from the active layer but also from all layers below it. Even if the lower layers are sampled for color, the blending is applied only to the active layer. Pro tip: This allows you to keep the results of the blending on a separate layer, leaving your original artwork intact.

Note that these settings apply to the current brush only and they are saved to the brush definition automatically.

Infinite Painter’s Manual

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