Infinite Painter 7 iOS Reference Manual


Downloading brushes from the Community For free.

Brushes in the Community list are the brushes uploaded by other users

Brush Downloader

Brush selector panel

Online brush list This is in current version very simple selector: no categories,

no search feature. Just scroll and pick.

You can select any number of brushes without leaving the Downloader. Tap the button to download all selected brushes.

Already downloaded brushes are highlighted.

Brushes are sorted by date of upload (most recent on top).

The Community brushes are free Use them, alter them, re-share them.

But respect other users' work: do not re-share somebody's brushes as yours without significant changes.

Downloaded brushes land in the "Downloads" folder

§ The brushes created by other users are free for any use without charge and without a need for attribution. However it is possible that the creator of a particular brush might have used a copyrighted asset within the brush (most commonly a texture image). In such situation using that brush may be not completely safe for certain types of commercial jobs.

Also note that the brushes offered for free download are not a part of Infinite Painter application so the developer (Infinite Studio LLC) is not responsible for any possible technical issues with those brushes.

You can also download brushes from commercial vendors. See page 82.

Infinite Painter’s Manual

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Studio • Brushes • Page 81

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