Infinite Painter 7 iOS Reference Manual


Brush — basic adjustments These are the ‘everyday’ brush controls. There is way more.

Size/Angle pop-up

Brush live preview

Brush Editor Opens the powerful Brush Editor panel with a hundred of parameters. Learn how to use Brush Editor on page 90.

Main toolbar

Brush Size slider Set the brush size precisely. Brush Angle slider Controls brush head angle.

tap to open

Brush Size button/indicator

Color blending mode Affects how the brush color interacts with existing colors. Learn more about color blending modes on page 174.

Opacity/Flow/Softness pop-up

tap to open

Brush Opacity button/indicator

Brush Opacity slider Controls opacity of the stroke.

Flow slider Controls opacity of each brush “stamp” along the stroke.

Softness slider Blurs the edges of the brush head.

Pro tip: you can re-assign the Opacity gesture controls to Flow or Softness parameter. Just tap on the name of the parameter you want (it will be highlighted).

There are faster ways to adjust these basic parameters Learn more on page 71 and on page 58.

If you are using a physical keyboard, press O key, then drag your finger up and down to change the brush size. For list of all keyboard shortcuts see page 444

Infinite Painter’s Manual

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Studio • Brushes • Page 87

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