Infinite Painter 7 iOS Reference Manual


iPhone version The same toolset on smaller screen

This manual covers the iPad version of Infinite Painter but the iPhone version works almost exactly the same way. In the iPhone version you have access to all tools and functions of the application with only a few differences.

Main differences between iPad and IPhone versions:

· iPhones do not support Apple Pencil However you can use a third-party stylus, either Bluetooth or capacitive one. And you can paint with your fingers pretty easy too.

· iPhone version supports only the portrait orientation of the screen.

· In the iPhone version you cannot have the custom toolbar (Learn more about custom toolbar on page 38) Still you have access to all floating widgets.

· In the iPhone version you cannot dock the brush panel But the functionality of the brush controls remain the same.

· On certain iPhone models, you may have limited canvas sizes and you could create fewer layers in the project, due to lower amount of RAM memory.

And, obviously, the iPhone interface is more compact.

Note that if you have purchased Infinite Painter on your iPad, you can use it on your iPhone too, with the same license.

Tip: You can exchange project files (in PNTR format) and brushes between your iPhone and your iPad.

Note that there are no cross-platform licenses: Infinite Painter for Android and Infinite Painter for iOS are separate products. For example, you cannot use the same license on an Apple iPad and an Android smartphone.

Infinite Painter’s Manual

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General Concepts • Page 9

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