Infinite Painter 7 iOS Reference Manual


Brush Editor overview

Note that the Brush Editor may be used either as a temporary pop-up window or in docked configuration (along with the brush selector). Learn about this feature on page 40.

Brush preview Dynamically shows any changes made to the brush settings. Note that certain properties (like color randomness or blending properties) cannot be visualized in the preview thumbnail.

Brush name Each brush can be renamed with Rename command in the Options menu.

Return to the Brush Selector (brush list).

Options menu For basic brush management Similar menu is accessible from the Brush Selector header.

See page 86 for details

Content of a tab (here: the Stroke tab)

Dynamics controls Learn how to use the curve graphs on page 91

The brush editor panel has 5 tabs

Stroke (See p. 93)

Head (See p. 94)

Texture (See p. 96)

Paint (See p. 98)

Special (See p. 99)

Infinite Painter’s Manual

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Brush editor • Page 90

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