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Brush Editor — Stroke tab This tab controls the behavior of the brush along the path of the stroke.

Size Diameter of the brush head (in pixels) Brush size is also controllable from the main toolbar and with a 3-finger drag gesture; may be affected by Dynamics controls and other settings. Maximum brush size depends on the canvas size and the Size range parameter value. Opacity Controls maximum opacity of the stroke (also controllable from the main toolbar and with a 3-finger drag).

Blending mode Controls how the brush color is being applied upon existing colors on the active layer. The modes are equivalent to the layer color blending modes (30 modes; default: Normal). For each blending mode you can adjust its Strength parameter. It controls how much the effect differs from Normal blending. (For list of blending modes see page 176) Do not confuse this color blending mode selector with Blend mode as one of three brush modes controlled from the main toolbar. Dynamics section Binds the behavior of the brush to dynamic controls like pressure on the stylus tip, the speed of the stroke or tilt (angle) of the stylus. Pressure curve Applies only to pressure-sensitive styluses and partially to simulated finger pressure.

Smooth Smooths the path of the brush stroke.

Adhesion Defines how much material needs to build up before it applies to the canvas. At higher ranges, this creates high-contrast (gloppy) strokes.

Velocity curve The speed of the stylus/finger along the stroke.

Wet edges Controls the "wet edges" effect. The edges of the stroke will be more opaque than the rest of it. Size range (0.0-4.0) This is the multiplier of the Size parameter; defines max size for Dynamics controls; affects the actual size of the brush. Glaze strokes If set above zero, prevents the build-up of the color with subsequent overlapping strokes. Works only with brush opacity below 100% and only on transparent background. Size jitter Adds random changes to the brush size along the stroke Size profile curve If active, controls how the brush size changes along the stroke.

Tilt curve Applies only to tilt-sensitive styluses.

Tilt Offset Controls direction, relative to the tip of the stylus:




Tip: For pencil-like brushes you may want it positive, for airbrush-style brushes — negative.

Flow profile curve If active, controls how the brush flow changes along the stroke.

The curve editor has 3x3 grid: the leftmost third describes flow changes within the stroke start segment (of constant length), the middle third controls the main part of the stroke (may be very long), the rightmost third controls the ending of the stroke (again of constant length). More on page 91

Fill Draw preview

For fill brushes only: if active, displays the fill of the brush in real time; otherwise the stroke area will be filled only after the stroke is finished. Learn more about fill brushes on page 215


Middle Stroke


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