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Brush Editor — Head tab 1/2

This tab controls the brush head.

Thumbnail of the brush head (Tap to select another bitmap; + icon leads to import dialog. See page 79). This field may be empty for special brushes that do not use bitmap head or use a default round tip. Note that applying tip bitmap to certain special brushes will not change their appearance.

Color — for the source bitmap — if on, uses full RGB (RGBA) data from the source bitmap; allows for full color brush heads and textures. Note that the source bitmap color interacts with current color used for painting and color blending modes. Color information is also ignored when the brush is used in Blend, Erase or Clone modes.

× icon Removes the head bitmap from the brush.

Invert (switch) — uses the negative of the bitmap.

Flow Controls the rate of flow of the “pigment” from the brush tip (also controllable from the main toolbar; may be affected by Dynamics controls). Spacing 0-200% — controls density of brush head “stamps” along the stroke; the unit is the width of the brush head bitmap. Structure Adds impasto effect (simulated 3D relief); may affect the color of the strokes Softness Zero value means hard edge of the brush tip, higher values soften it (Note that the brush may have applied a soft-edged bitmap for its tip so Depth Interprets the brush head’s transparency as a three-dimensional height map. This is great for bristle-style brushes where little pressure has only a few bristles touching the canvas and heavy pressure has all of the bristles touching the canvas. Angle 0-360° — basic angle of the tip bitmap relative to the stroke direction (also controlled from the Control Panel). Default value: 0° zero softness may still produce soft strokes). (Also controllable from the main toolbar)

Tonal curve for the source bitmap — affects the way color luminance of the source bitmap is used in the brush. Allows for tonal adjustments without editing the source bitmap. Note that this curve is active regardless of the state of Color switch above it (works for grayscale as well).

Colorize The amount of color to be used from the head bitmap. (shows up only when Color option is active) Brush head application style (selector): Controls how subsequent “stamps” of the brush head are interacting with each other along the stroke.

Normal — each brush head “stamp” is stamped on top of previous ones,

Glaze — opacity of each stamped brush head will not build up on top of each other (Note that this is not related to the Glaze control in Watercolor section), Glow — adds the brush head “stamp” color to previous ones, allowing the colors to build up to white (to burn).

Stylus rotation When a tilt-sensitive stylus is used, stylus angle is used to control the brush head angle. In finger painting, the brush head angle along the stroke is defined by the beginning of the stroke Orient to screen If active, the initial angle of the brush head is kept relative to the screen, not to the canvas.

Rotation Angle of the brush head relative to the direction of the stroke

(-100 = Reverse, 0 = Fixed, 100 = Tangent) Tangent follows the path of the stroke,

Fixed keeps brush head angle fixed relative to canvas. Reverse rotates the brush head in the opposite direction than the stroke direction.

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