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Brush Editor — Texture tab 1/2

This tab controls the brush texture.

Thumbnail of current brush texture (Tap to select another bitmap; + icon leads to import dialog. See page 80). May be empty. Note that applying texture bitmap to certain special brushes will not change their appearance. See the list of brushes on page 478. × icon Removes the bitmap from the brush. Tip: White areas in the texture reveal brush head traces, black areas block the color Learn more on page 80.

Color For full color source bitmap — if on, uses full RGB (RGBA) data from the source bitmap; allows for full color brush heads and textures. Note that the source bitmap color interacts with current color used for painting and color blending modes. Color information is also ignored when the brush is used in Blend, Erase or Clone modes.

Invert (switch) — uses the negative of the bitmap.

Tonal curve for the source bitmap — affects the way color luminance of the source bitmap is used in the brush texture. Allows for tonal adjustments without editing the source bitmap. Note that this curve is active regardless of the state of Color switch above it (works for grayscale as well).

Colorize The amount of color to be used from the head bitmap. (shows up only when Color option is active)

Depth Controls how much the texture affects the color application. Zero means (almost) no visible texture, high values allow color to only be applied on the brightest areas in the texture. May be affected by dynamic Depth controls below.

Style (Fixed, Rotate, Warp) — controls the placement of the texture:

Fixed Places copies of the texture tile side by side along the stroke, Rotate Places them aligned with the direction of the stroke Warp Aligns the tiles to the direction of the stroke, but also deforms them to smooth resulting texture.

Scale 0-2.0 (default 1) — uniform size of the texture tile. “1” means the original size of the source bitmap. Stretch Allows to stretch the texture along the axis of the stroke

Structure Adds impasto effect but for brush texture only.

Softness Applies blur to the texture bitmap.

Scale with size Scales texture to current brush size at each point of the stroke (dynamically, if size is controlled by any Dynamics control)

Angle Rotates the texture relative to brush head.

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Note that the brush texture is completely independent from the global Paper texture. Tip: both may be used simultaneously.

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