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Brush Editor —Texture tab 2/2 This tab controls the brush texture.

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Initial jitter Adds randomness at the beginning of the stroke.

Dynamics controls: Depth

Curves controlling dynamic behavior for the brush texture Depth parameter. These may be considered controls for separate “flow” parameter of the texture. Pressure (applies only to pressure-sensitive styluses and partially to simulated finger pressure) Velocity (the speed of the stylus/finger along the stroke) Tilt (applies only to tilt-sensitive styluses)

Position Places brush texture in random position at the beginning of the stroke.

Continuous jitter Adds randomness along the stroke.

Gradation Defines a falloff of the texture effect from the brush’s tip to the back of the brush when tilting.

Position Places brush texture in random positions at each point of the stroke.

Scale Changes brush texture size randomly along the stroke.

For example, when tilting a pencil, the shaded line will typically be darker at the tip of the pencil’s head and fade out further down the barrel because the pressure is different. This simulates that effect. Higher values create a sharper falloff. At 0, the texture effect is uniform.

Angle Rotates brush texture randomly along the stroke.

Note that the brush texture is completely independent from the global Paper texture. Tip: both may be used simultaneously.

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