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MAY 2020


Focusing on the ‘Little Things’ to Get Through Together

I thought a lot about whether I should write this or not.

affected by this pandemic. And I understand from past history that loss of health or loss of a loved one far outweighs any economic loss someone experiences. To you, my deepest well-wishes. Second, I want you to know that everyone at RCW continues to work extremely hard on your behalf. We are taking our naturally proactive approach and putting it in overdrive regarding rent collection, lease renewals and negotiations, leasing, and so much more. We are doing everything in our power to help by continuing to manage your property with the utmost care and diligence. Third, trust that we are also extending as much empathy as possible to your tenants on your behalf. Many have been affected, and many more will be before we are done. In this environment, even when we need to negotiate tough arrangements or deliver difficult messages, empathy is required at an even higher level. Fourth, in this crazy time, I do hope you are able to enjoy more of the “little things” that matter so much all the time but especially in times of struggle. Andrew, our operations manager, talked today about how he has been going on more hikes in the woods and how great it feels to reconnect with nature. Just yesterday evening, my entire family had a very competitive “table football” competition (see picture above). I don’t know why it popped in my head since we had never talked about it before and I haven’t played since seventh or eighth grade. The kids are loving it though, and I laughed hard, smiled a lot, and enjoyed teaching

You see, it is March 24, and I am working on the May newsletter. On the docket was to talk about another of our core values, and I could cover that, but I feel compelled to write something about our current situation. The reason I pause is because our “current situation” won’t be so current when this meets your hands. Frankly, I fear it could sound tone deaf, depending on how things evolve over the next month. So, from a makeshift office in a closet, during a break between homeschooling my three elementary-age children and one very active preschooler, and attempting to lead RCW to the best of my ability in this unprecedented time for the benefit of our clients and my employees, I write this letter. First, I truly hope this letter finds you and your family safe and healthy. The realities unfolding indicate that someone close to you will likely be “IN THIS CRAZY TIME, I DO HOPE YOU ARE ABLE TO ENJOY MORE OF THE ‘LITTLE THINGS’ THAT MATTER SO MUCH ALL THE TIME BUT ESPECIALLY IN TIMES OF STRUGGLE.”

Luke’s kids playing table football

them something fun that requires very little (one sheet of paper and a table).

Finally, I hope you know deep down that the sun will rise tomorrow. Yes, so much is uncertain, there is so much impact, so much pain, and so much fear. But we all know the sun will rise tomorrow. That faith can get us through this with the understanding that we can and will recover from almost anything that impacts us. As always, I welcome your comments, questions, concerns, or anything else. My direct number is 860-956-5372, and you can email me at

To your health and safety, and to knowing the sun will rise tomorrow,


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