1st Quarter Crime Report

Assault Offenses

January - March 2020 January - March 2019

Aggravated Assault  Approximately 46% were known to be domestic-related.


Increased 15.7%

Aggravated Assault


55% occurred within a residence, 18% near a roadway, 17% in a bar or night club, and 8% in a parking lot.


Decreased 6.1%

Simple Assault


Simple Assaults 



Increased 10.8%

Approximately 53% were known to be domestic-related.



500 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500

Intimidation To unlawfully place another per- son in reasonable fear of bodily harm through the use of threat- ening words and/or other con- duct, but without displaying a weapon or subject the victim to actual physical attack.

Aggravated Assault An unlawful attack by one person upon another wherein the offender uses a weapon or dis- plays it in a threatening manner, or the victim suffers obvious se- vere or aggravated bodily injury.

Simple Assaults An unlawful physical attack by one person upon another where neither the offender displays a weapon, nor the victim suffers obvious severe or aggravated bodily injury.

Kidnapping/Abduction There were 34 kidnapping/abduction offenses in the First Quarter of 2020 compared to 34 offenses in the First Quarter of 2019. Of the 34 kidnapping offenses this quarter, 25 were unlawful restraints, 6 were kidnappings, and 3 were aggravated kidnappings.

Yes No VictimRelationship

Please refer to Texas Penal Code Title 5, Chapter 20 for full definitions, below are abbreviated definitions of each:

Knew the Suspect


 Unlawful restraint:

Intentionally or knowingly

[restraining] another person.


 Kidnapping : Intentionally or knowingly [abducting] another person … not coupled with intent to use or to threaten to use deadly force.  Aggravated Kidnapping : Intentionally or knowingly [abducting] another person with the intent [for exam- ple] to hold him for ransom or reward … use him as a shield or hostage...inflict bodily injury. Transport : benefit [transporting] an individual in a manner that is de- signed to conceal the individual from … law enforce- ment authorities … and [creating] a substantial likeli- hood that the individual will suffer serious bodily inju- ry or death.  Unlawful For pecuniary




Dating or Married




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