Sandoz Chiropractic - January 2020

JAN. 2020


After 40 Years, I’m Not Ready to Retire WELCOME TO THE FAMILY

I turned 65 years old this year, and I’ve been encountering a common question many people my age often hear. People often ask me,“Dr. Sandoz, when will you retire?”

For the first time in years, her daughter had gone one week without a headache or migraine. Could you imagine living most of your life with a debilitating condition and waking up with it gone?

Regardless of my age, I have no desire to retire! After 40 years in practice, I still love what I do every day, and this is because of my entire patient and staff family. I’ve had 40 years of laughter, tears, mourning, and celebration with all of you. Every week, I sit in front of my TV and hand write congratulatory, sympathy, and thank-you cards for dozens of patients-turned-family.

Then there was a 90-year-old woman who became one of my most loyal patients. This woman had been to many doctors and specialists, complaining of chronic pain, headaches, and vertigo. The diagnosis she received was that she was simply old,

And I’m not ready to give that up just yet.

When my son applied to chiropractic school, he was called in for an interview prior to his acceptance. The board asked him why he wanted to become a chiropractor, and his answer chokes me up to this day. My son said, “My dad has been doing this for over 25 years, and he still loves going to work. If you can still love your job after 25 years, that’s the career for me!”

and since she was a cardiac patient, she could not be prescribed pain medications. They encouraged her to live as comfortable a life as possible and move on. But her son refused to accept that prognosis. As a patient of mine, he asked me if I would consider seeing his mom. I responded with my standard reply: “Give me a month.” I’m proud to share that after one month, this woman was 85% better than she was when she first came to see me. And she became a regular patient of mine for the next 12 years until she passed away peacefully in her sleep at age 102. I’ll never forget the last thing she ever said to me. We had just wrapped up our regular session, and she said to me, “I have aches and pains. Who doesn’t? But Dr. Sandoz … You gave me a better quality of life between 90 and 102 than I had from 70 to 90.” So, no, I’m not ready to retire, and who would be when you get to help a patient family who has been a supportive part of your life for the past 40 years? You’ve supported my family at my children’s weddings; we often see baby presents in the office when one of my children has a baby, and it’s a treat to help you live the life you deserve every day. I’m so proud to call you and my staff family. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the best 40 years. And who knows? Maybe my grandson will be telling his college admissions board, “My grandpa is 80 years old, and he still loves going to work.” I immediately got goosebumps. That’s why I love what I do every day.

After 40 years of healing and caring for patients, I continue to find joy and purpose in changing the health and lives of our patient family.

There was the 15-year-old patient, who was brought in by her mom in search of an answer to her chronic migraine headaches. This young girl had been suffering from paralyzing migraines nearly every day, and she had tried many treatments to eliminate these migraines, to no avail. You can imagine how debilitating a daily migraine would be, much less for a 15-year-old girl. So, I agreed to help her. I always tell patients, “Give me a month,” but during the next follow-up appointment with this patient, her mom came in with tears of joy! 25% OFF CONTINUED! Since you enjoyed last month’s promotion so much, we’re extending it! Enjoy 25% off any purchase of our supplements, creams, and DME supplies through the end of January 2020.


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