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There are no guarantees in nature, but there are with Syngenta. Only Barricade ® herbicide offers you a guaranteed crabgrass control program. How can we do this? Because we know Barricade is the only herbicide that offers you performance that can last throughout the season following application. Its low solubility and volatility means it stays in the weed germination zone and will not break down even after heavy rain or snow. Barricade gives you more Count on Barricade to put you in control of crabgrass and other problem weeds. Barricade also features a stain-free formulation. And its low water solubility means you can count on Barricade to stay right where you put it, even on slopes and hillsides. Barricade 65WG, Barricade 4FL and Barricade On-Fertilizer formulations are available to meet your unique needs. Barricade Herbicide Application Guarantee Program for Fall and Spring Crabgrass Control Enroll in the Barricade Herbicide Application Guarantee Program. It’s easy. 1. Purchase $2,000 or more of Barricade 4FL, Barricade 65WG, or Barricade On-Fertilizer (“Barricade Products”) from your Syngenta Authorized Channel Partner (distributor, agent or formulator) between Sept. 1, 2019 and May 31, 2020. 2. Choose the timing of your application of Barricade products — fall or spring— according to your location. Acreage may only qualify for either the Fall Application Guarantee or the Spring Application Guarantee, but not both. 3. Apply Barricade products at the proper rate, conditions, application date and timing for your area as described in this Guarantee Program. In addition, you should consult the maps in this Guarantee Program for more details. 4. To notify Syngenta of a claim, contact your Syngenta territory manager by Aug. 1, 2020. Guarantee Program Terms and Conditions You must follow label guidelines regarding application rates and timing for your region in order to participate in the Guarantee Program. To qualify for the minimum purchase requirement of $2,000, all purchases of Barricade products must be made between Sept. 1, 2019 and May 31, 2020 (“Purchase Period”). To notify Syngenta of a claim, contact your Syngenta territory manager on or before Aug. 1, 2020. Syngenta reserves the right to verify all purchases. If you experience a crabgrass breakthrough prior to Aug.1, 2020 after applying Barricade product according to label instructions, purchased during the Purchase Period, you must notify a Syngenta territory manager immediately after the first instance of crabgrass breakthrough. Breakthrough validity and eligibility for reimbursement is determined by Syngenta and will be settled by Syngenta with replacement Barricade product or cash reimbursement at the discretion of Syngenta. Claims may be combined or separated at the discretion of Syngenta. “Crabgrass breakthrough” is defined as less than 85% crabgrass control as compared to untreated areas with similar turf density, turf type, environment, and weather conditions. Total Guarantee Program benefit will not exceed 50% of the value of Barricade products purchased during the Purchase Period or $50 per acre of retreatments, whichever is less. Syngenta will not pay for the application or other costs associated with rescue treatment. Syngenta reserves the right to modify or discontinue this Guarantee Program at any time without prior notice. Visit GreenTrust365.com or ask a Syngenta territory manager for more information.

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