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Fairy Ring Support Program A preventative golf spray program for fairy ring control

At BASF, we know keeping your turf healthy is critical to your success. With your needs in mind, we created a new support program specifically for fairy ring. This support program is structured for at least 90% control of the treated area offering 6 months of protection after first application. If control is not achieved, our team is ready to provide a solution to this persistent problem.

Qualifying Fungicides Product

Application Details • Make 1st application at 55- 7 0°F average soil temperature • Rates per 1,000ft 2 • Application spray volume is 2-4 gallons/1000ft 2 • Provide ¼” irrigation post application • Applications to be made in conjunction with a soil wetting agent program


Honor ® Intrinsic ® brand fungicide

6 x 3 lbs

Honor ® Intrinsic brand fungicide

1 x 36 lbs

Insignia ® SC Intrinsic brand fungicide

2 x 2.5 gal

Insignia SC Intrinsic brand fungicide

4 x 30.5 fl oz

Maxtima ® fungicide

4 x 26 fl oz

Maxtima fungicide

2 x 2.5 gal

Navicon ® Intrinsic brand fungicide

4 x 37 fl oz

Navicon Intrinsic brand fungicide

2 x 2.5 gal

Xzemplar ® fungicide

2 x 114 fl oz

Xzemplar fungicide

4 x 11.4 fl oz

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