Aws Amro - February 2020

February 2020


By Aws Amro


I’m Aws, and I’m BOLD BOLD is a sales training program for real estate agents that Keller Williams holds in different cities throughout North America. This organization has had a huge impact on my personal life and professional career. By attending BOLD’s events, I’ve amassed a wealth of friendships and knowledge that have paid dividends over the last three years. During these events, the coordinators group agents (myself included) into teams to participate in activities. In my first BOLD, I was grouped with Karen McClintock. We

retirement, I emailed my manager saying, “Shotgun that assistant!” The rest is history. Now, I handle all the client interactions, and she does the paperwork and applications in the back end. Since I’m not bogged down from the paperwork anymore, I close a lot more business. At this last BOLD event, my aha! moment was about databases. The event opened my eyes to the importance of having systemized follow-ups with past clients and real estate agents I work with. What made it so clear was when I mentioned to the group I was with the 0% Down Payment Program available through all lenders now in Canada. This program was out for at least six months when I brought it up, yet none of the real estate agents knew about it. That means they don’t get policy updates from the person they currently refer business to. From there, the goal of having a newsletter for my previous clients and real estate agents was born. So, if there is anything in particular you want covered in this newsletter, let me know! I want this to be a monthly resource for you to ensure your real estate journey is as exciting and successful as mine has been. 1 613-793-7930 –Aws Amro

quickly became friends, and weeks after the event ended, I asked her to go for coffee. As we were chatting, she mentioned that she and The Oakes Team do open houses every week. Then, I started doing open houses with Karen. Through those open houses and engaging with customers, I learned a lot about the agent’s side of this business. Over the years, Karen and I have done a lot of business together. “The event opened my eyes to the importance of having systemized follow-ups with past clients and real estate agents I work with.” During my second BOLD event, the Bold Law that stuck with me was “Life By Design.” The top mortgage specialist at RBC in Ottawa at the time was retiring, and one of his assistants needed a job. The assistant had worked with him for seven years, so she had a lot of experience. At the time, I needed help with my least favorite part of my job: paperwork. After the mortgage specialist announced his

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