2nd Quarter Crime Report_updated

Major Cities Comparison

April - June data was not available at the time this report was published. Data through June will be included in the Third Quarter Report. The following graphs are a comparison (January - March) of Fort Worth (895,008) to benchmark cities with either a similar population or proximity. Comparable cities with their population noted in parentheses include: Dallas, TX (1,345,047), Austin, TX (964,254), El Paso, TX (682,669), Charlotte - Mecklenburg, NC (872,498), Columbus, OH (892,533), Indianapolis, IN (867,125), Jacksonville, FL (903,889), and San Francisco, CA (883,305). Population data source is the U.S. Census Bureau. Crime offense comparable data source is the Major Cities Chiefs Association. The offenses compared include homicide, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.

Figure 26 - Homicide, Major Cities Comparison

Figure 27 - Rape, Major Cities Comparison

Section IV - Major Cities


Second Quarter (April - June) 2019 Crime Report

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