Case Study Interpersonal Effectiveness (Guru Greg) V12

Experts started believing in ‘The Chappell way’ coaching philosophy. They felt that the philosophy

with its unconventional training’s and lectures on lateral thinking would take India to the next level.

Chappell diverted the team towards following the process in spite of initial hitches. Chappell was

quick to realize that too much emphasis on the outcome would put undue pressure on the players.

Flexibility was another major strategy in his philosophy. He wanted players to be very flexible and

should be prepared to take multiple roles. The players were expected to bat at different positions,

bowl at different times in the innings and field in different positions.

To foster higher team spirit and team dynamics, Chappell conducted different team activities. He also

conducted various activities that could have Sachin struggle with the objective of instilling the belief

that each of them could be world beaters and had no reason to be scared of individual brilliance.

Chappell also portrayed Dravid as the leader of the team, while he acted as supporting pillar for


Guru Greg was very outspoken and never feared about speaking his thoughts. Unlike Ganguly who

provided more security to team members, Chappell was a strict disciplinarian with the philosophy of

“perform or perish”. Chappell was quick to point out to the players that any lack of effort or casual

attitude by them in the field could land them in a career crisis. Chappell wanted to bring in the

culture of high achievers in the India cricket team. He knew that in the process of bringing this

culture in Indian cricket quickly some feathers would be ruffed as he would be taking unpopular


Building interpersonal effectiveness in the team – The Guru way

 Each individual is different personality and need to be coached in a different manner

 Expand thinking, planning and communication in the team

 Conduct individual sessions with each team member to identify their strengths and weaknesses

 Informal areas like locker rooms and team buses are excellent places for individual and team


 Never tell players they are doing things incorrectly or do it like this. Rather, catch them doing

something right and praise them for that

 Follow the processes to achieve the results

 You can’t teach anything to anyone who doesn’t want to be taught

An inauspicious beginning

Soon, after being appointed as coach of Indian cricket team, Chappell in his interview to media told

that he had certain reservations about the capability of Tendulkar and he is no more of the same

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